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His family name isnt Lee, it’s Kim. He was born Kim Tae Pyung, but he changed his name to Hyun Bin later :smile: So now its just two names - Hyun and Bin.


Ugh i hate thinking about sasaengs… it always brings bad memories. And anither complication is the amount of judging everyone likes to do. Someone gets ambushed at an airport - insult the company. A bodyguard pushes a sasaeng - a whole court trial on all social media debating whether or not he should have done it, whether or not he was rude, whether or not it counts as abuse since he pushed a woman(most of the time they just stand like a fence with their shoulders squared and arms out - the force of the woman barrelling into them is enough to knock her back and make it seem like she was pushed)… oh my goodness people just don’t know how to shut up :roll_eyes:


Thanks for that information on HB and SYJ. It’s really sad that they can’t just go together because of crazy fans. I also was surprised that they chose LA for their honeymoon-definitely not a standard honeymoon destination.

To quote ABBA “Thank You For The Music!”

I enjoyed the songs. The German folk music brought back memories of my trip to Germany years ago. We went to the Hofbrauhaus in Munich and they had a live band playing the folk music.
It’s been a while since I heard Celtic Thunder but they are great! I used to see them often on PBS, but they are not showing the Celtic Thunder specials any more in my area.
I’m an ABBA fan, too.


I am embarrassed that they got treated like that in the U.S. But it also appears that either something went wrong with their arrival plan or they just wanted to keep it simple and not arrange for an escort. That makes me sad too. Too many crazies out there to wing it when you are famous.



I was talking about Lee Min Jung husband. I totally wrote his name wrong. Lee Byung Hun. This is going on with me lately, I think of a word/name and I write something totally different. I need to double check/proofread stuff. Since I come here now during small breaks I’m always rushing when I write, and don’t confirm my information. He’s very famous here in USA, (especially LA), and his English is really good. His wife, too. Her English is really good.

Lee Byung-hun
Lee Min-jung / Husband (m. 2013)

Image of Who is Lee Min Jung husband?

Lee Byung-hun is a South Korean actor and singer. He has received critical acclaim for his work in a wide range of genres, most notably Joint Security Area; A Bittersweet Life; The Good, the Bad, the Weird; the television series Iris; I Saw the Devil; Masquerade; and Mr. Sunshine
American Movies.
The Magnificent Seven 2016
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He was also in Terminator



As bad as this may look, one thing they have to worry about is; the day that no one cares if they ever existed, and don’t look for them to greet them at airport or any other place. I am glad they were very gracious and smiled. They didn’t had an anger face like some do.

She was so smart because she was really blocking the women from him, and that was a great move. Thanks for sharing the links.

PS. …>>The pregnancy rumors are lies because there is no way my macho man would let his pregnant wife carry what is obviously a heavy load all by herself. Especially in the first tri-mester that it’s such a dangerous stage in pregnancy.



I have been watching a drama on Netflix called Tomorrow, the 6th episode was a tear-jerker, something to really think about, reason I put this here, there was one scene, a mother responded to her child negatively about the old man carrying trash, I wont go into detail cause it may be called a spoiler, BUT my thing is no matter what they look like or doing, a vet was cut down?? no way, really was upset about that one. we should honor our veterans no matter the country, what they did for their country does matter/ ok off my soap box oh p/s the guy was from Korean war


Short Vids

Long Vids, BTS arrived at the last few minutes of this vid. The long wait by BTS fans :smile: they waited, and they waited.


Oh my goodness I’m already at the END of my self-control trying to keep myself from clicking on Again My Life and spending some blissful hours with my badass man LJG and now THIS shows up

It looks so GOOOOOD!!! UGH GET OVER, EXAM MONTH! :sob::sob: For once Viki actually has TWO dramas I’m dying to watch on air and I can’t even watch them rn


I’m also looking forward to From Now, Showtime! Saw the preview clips a while ago on Soompi. Can’t believe the premiere is finally happening next week. So exciting!

Also found out BTS will be releasing their new album on June 10, 2022 Too bad it couldn’t have been Feb. 22-LOL! Anyway, fans are stoked!

Got me thinking though about album success in K Pop world. I wonder if the songs actually make any difference to how successful an album is? So much of sales is pre-orders where the fans are buying without listening to anything so you could have a successful album just on that. Maybe that’s why agencies work so hard to promote the parasocial relationships and use the emotional manipulations. Quality doesn’t matter once you get fans to like the K Pop stars as people. They will buy whatever just to buy it-forever.


You can probably take your time with "Again My Life’. Unfortunately, filming of the drama is on hold due to LJG having COVID. Hope that LJG have a speedy and full recovery from COVID with no side effects or complications.


Have a taste,:studio_microphone::notes: I love this flavor, this taste, this blend. At 17M views, as of my post.



Yes, I heard :pensive: I always feel a block of ice slam into my stomach whenever I hear this kind of news. I hope he recovers completely with no long lasting side effects.


@kdrama2020ali LOOK AT THIS
After their Senorita dance cover last December :scream::scream::scream: Yoona is really busy - Lee Jong Suk and Junho in one year?! She hasn’t completely proved her acting skills to me, though… she was okay with JCW in The K2 and pretty good with Kang Ha Neul in A Year-End Medley but idk maybe this is her year :blush:


Ali and I were just discussing this, and I couldn’t remember if I had seen YoonA in anything. I didn’t realize she was from The K2. Her character was kind of ‘eh’ in that, but I don’t remember a ton about her acting. Let’s hope she makes a good pair with our Junho.


Well, this is a strange event. I’m glad that Jimin took care of matters but the situation seems very strange to me. First, I find it shocking that in South Korea a Health Insurance Company can put a lien on your house for unpaid insurance premiums. Second, how much does health insurance cost that they would put a lien on your house for unpaid bills? I mean how long was this going on for the debt to be that big? Third, how can 4 overdue notices all get “omitted” to be given to him by his agency?Fourth, wouldn’t something like health insurance premiums be on automatic payment in the first place? Or taken care of by his assistants at the agency? Don’t the K Pop stars have their own staff?
I find it strange that non payment even happened. Talk about negligence-if it was me, I’d be firing some people and getting new staff. Fifth, I also find it strange that something like this was reported on in the first place, but then I have noticed that in South Korea the media do tend to report on every little thing with celebrities, and the smallest thing will be put under the microscope.


I refuse to talk about money and celebs after Deng Lun decided to mess with his taxes and subsequently vanished off the face of the entertainment industry. Received the Best Actor of the Year award in January 2022 and then got blacklisted and completely cancelled in March 2022 for tax evasion. We’ll probably never see him again.