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What? Deng Lun convicted of tax evasion? Oh my. I’m quite shocked-I thought everyone learned their lesson about that a few years ago after Fan Bing Bing tax scandal. That’s too bad. Although he may come back after a few years. I think FBB slowly returning to the entertainment scene now.



Not getting my hopes up… She starred in some international dramas but there’s nothing on her MDL page after 2018. Everything has been “TBA” since 2018. They went so far as to remove his name from his restaurant chain and all…


Don’t know how it is in Korea, but I don’t think everything goes automatic there or there could’ve been an error that led to this. I was watching a variety show and one of the guest of one of the members looked on his table and saw a stack of bills. This member has completely forgotten to pay them for over 3 months. The guest was so shocked that he scolded him and told him he would get his utilities and such cut off and get into bigger trouble if he doesn’t pay it immediately.

Well… isn’t this housed under the government? :sweat_smile:
Again, all I know is how it goes in the Netherlands, but some people have gotten into use trouble by not paying or underpaying their insurance [some were duped by a company]. You are required by law to pay for an adequate health insurance. That’s why I don’t find it that shocking :thinking:


Lol, it was quite funny to read this:


ok,ok I give in!! I did watch it, heres MY response!

I got at least three, oh my goodness! this was funny, and yes the bowing I realize I have started doing! and trying an asian recipe!! I d like to find someone in my area that loves these dramas but haven’t as of yet, and last but least, I hate waiting!!! loved this !! and had me laugh a bit


Glad you liked it :smiley:


A Monsta X album teaser first thing in the morning only has me wishing it was already tomorrow. So looking forward to this!


That was cute. I can certainly see myself in many of those categories. :joy:


I have finished episode one of Sh**ting Stars. I did a double take when I read the title on-screen. And I did a classic @leerla73 . . .


On Facebook, people are always re-posting things that say “if you can spot X in this picture in less than 30 seconds, you are a genius.”

If anyone starts watching a drama and discovers something unintentionally hysterical about it, why not post the drama’s title along with LMAO and see if others can figure out what’s so funny.

There are moments in even the most sober, serious dramas when a line of dialog or a location or something strikes me very funny, but I have nobody to share it with.


That sounds like a fun thread idea, if we think there enough examples. I don’t remember the specific instances, but I know I have had moments where I say to myself, “Did they really just say that”, or something similar.


I saw you, @my_happy_place, and @kdrama2020ali. I saw @vivi_1485, @lutra, @irmar, @simi11, @ajumma2, @choitrio, @aznative, and the fans who champion new releases, and created channels. Each in their category. :rofl::joy:
It was such a fun article @feyfayer! :joy:
I definitely saw myself, too! :joy:in multiple categories! :rofl:


LOL I liked this article! Their description of a newbie fan was so ACCURATE! :joy::joy: “Lee Min Ho is their favorite actor but they haven’t watched Boys Over Flowers” “they still believe that the FL may end up with the SML, they trust Koreaboo and DIspatch” XD the amount of newbie fans I have had to put up with :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::sob:

I identify most with the “Drama Google” type :joy: Ask me anything, I spend more time stalking through MDL and Soompi than actually watching dramas - and I have an opinion on almost every drama released after 2014

PS: Please flag the post above mine as spam - it’s an advertisement in Indonesian


Cute, you’re definitely in one of the categories of the article posted up above - 10 types of Kdrama fans by feyfayer :rofl::joy:

@misswillowinlove, @simi11,
You may have missed choitrio’s take on above drama’s title, check it below :point_down:t5: :wink:


Done! Done! And done!
@my_happy_place, you may want to go to your preference, and notification to mute! ssgacor88_341, and save changes, seeing they replied directly to your user name.

Flag their profile below too :unamused:


When I saw for the first time the title I asked myself omg what is “shitting stars” cause as we know some subbers use the stars to soften swears although it doesn’t really change the swear or word when there are stars **. Then I saw the title elsewhere with stars and thought okay. - I had a feeling I should mention it here somewhere, but then perhaps some folks would have been irritated so I stayed mum, I guess I’m not the only one who reads it that way and I truly think unless they put there nice stars emoji :star::star: Viki should change it into the word, if this were my company I would! :rofl:


I don’t really understand the reasoning for using the little '**'s other than to intentionally make people misread it as the swear word, and even then, I don’t get the point. If there is some other joke or play on words, it goes straight over my head. :woman_shrugging:t4:


I see this link only now… but the Korean version is one thing and the English version another thing… as I said that on Viki some folks use the ** for softening swears this reads rather as an ugly or inappropriate word and the double meaning as choitrio describes gets lost in the translation… they could also do this "Sh :star: :poop:ting Stars :rofl::rofl: looks also ackward…


Okay, so that’s funny, :joy: but unfortunately will get completely lost on the casual observer, obviously myself included until I read an explanation. Thanks for sharing the link.


I find the title “Sh**ting Stars” to be clever and fitting since the story centers around the members of the PR team who clean up after the mess (shit) the celebrities (stars) leave behind.

@aznative also posted this in the Comments section of the drama.

This article from Korea’s Joongang Daily should explain the English title.
" Shting Stars** is a rom-com set in Korea’s entertainment industry. The Korean title of the series “Byeoldongbyeol” translates to shooting stars. But to indicate a central theme, the series uses asterisks in the English title to suggest a less celestial description of the industry and the people in it. "
BY LEE JIAN [] April 24, 2022
Full article here: