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I didn’t know the FBB stuff was older international projects only. I thought I read somewhere she was guesting on some variety show so I thought maybe the Entertainment Board/Ministry had lifted her ban and she was trying to get back into the showbiz. Hmmn,guess we will see about Deng Lun, but for sure it will be a long time, if ever. It’s too bad. I guess we can be relieved he didn’t go to jail at least.


Good afternoon everyone!


Of course I stayed up until 2 AM to be present for the drop of Monsta X’s new album. It was worth it, not that I ever doubted it.

If a person’s perception of Monsta X is based solely on title tracks and reputation, they would be missing out on all the colorful layers they have to offer on their B sides. This album is no exception: A title track that hits and pushes boundaries and B side after B side showcasing their incredible vocals, beautiful harmonies, and thoughtful lyrics that make me feel every kind of feel a person could feel.

I don’t know if anyone is likely to click on any of these, but I’m sharing them anyway because I’m super proud of these men, and this is as close as I will get to shouting my love from a rooftop. :blush::star_struck::heart_eyes:

Title Track: ‘Love’

Bside: 'Burning Up (Feat. R3HAB)

Bside: ‘Wildfire’ :fire:

Bside: ‘사랑한다’

Bside: ‘And’ :cry:

There is speculation that this will be their last comeback before a large number of them have to enlist this year. If so, the whole album feels like a love letter to the fandom, and the last song especially feels like an “until next time”. Don’t bother me today, I’m emotional. :sob::wink:


Ok, I’m the first type of multifandom lol
I have my favourites but, everytime I start a new drama


I love that lol, I don’t know that much but it’s great to read all of you guys!


Hashtag DTRJST (did they really just say that).

I have moments like that a lot. Sometimes I think it has to do with subs mapping English onto the structure of another language, but sometimes I think (especially if a line is in English), it’s a way for one character to say to another (sometimes quite pointetdly): “You are a total fake and a complete dumbass.” Of course, that might earn the first character a bloody nose or a quick dump into a river, but those moments can be oddly, wildly funny.


Hashtag TOO funny yet also kind of sad but NO it’s really TOO funny. Time stamp 17:00 to 19:00, ep 16 of Military Prosecutor Doberman. A perfect example of comedy relief.

This by the way, is a drama I’m putting on my Best List, right under Devil Judge.


Watching those, along with other acclaimed shows, is like me trying to get on a horse. . .:joy:


You gotta let your inner warrior out.




Ahhhh does anyone feel as frustrated as I do?? I became a kpop fan in 2020, when the pandemic had just begun. I enjoyed album releases and online fan meetings, feeling only a little sad that I couldn’t attend online concerts. But NOW-- with everyone scheduling offline concerts (especially and NCT at Tokyo Dome oh my :sob::sob::sob:) i just want to curl up in a ball and cry :tired_face::tired_face:

I keep seeing new schedules and clips from concerts, with groups thsnking the fans and stufff… ahhh i wish i wishhhh


I’m feeling you so hard today, girl. Monsta X’s US tour starts in May, but they aren’t coming very close to me. I want so badly to go, but I guess it’s just not meant to be. :sob:


Too funnay!


So what kind of fan did you see me as? Just curious. :slight_smile:



True Bloods Fan, and Ahjummas

True Blood Fans
Those who were there since the debut of the celebrity. Their role consists of scolding newbies and giving lectures. You could easily spot one by the following traits: they always end the argument with “the fandom wasn’t like this before” or “what do you know”. They believe they know better, they tend to remind everyone that they’ve been here since the beginning, they act like proud moms, and they are very supportive and understanding.

The experience of watching the celebrity start from the bottom and slowly grow famous while struggling, leaves great memories.


Remember when I said about True-Bloods “those who were there since the debut of the celebrity”, well, Ahjummas were there since drama-land was discovered! Ahjummas tend to give lectures, life lessons and advice, but, unlike True-Bloods, they don’t scold newbies – they adopt them. They are the most considerate and understanding fans.

Drama in the picture: Reply 1988 (2015)

Ahjummas reaction to fan-wars

Ahjummas reaction to celebrity scandals

PS: I would like to thank this Ahjumma The Butterfly who I met on MDL. She’s a very lovely and supportive woman who always makes sure to send me a message asking me about life and studies, she cheers me up too. I want to say thank you and I love you. <3
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Do you agree?


Well, I think I’m in the “Ahjummas” group, except that I don’t tend to give lectures. :wink:


I agree. You don’t lecture, but you give us really good cultural context and other info :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


anyone ready for cake & coffee

Look at this incredible cake!!

via --> Molly’s Creative Cakes


Wow! Just wow!


This reminds me of my summer holidays years ago… We’d spend all day outside and half the night inside, watching cake shows on TLC - Ultimate Cake Off, Cake Boss, Next Great Baker, Choccywoccydoodah… they would make such amazing, tall, completely edible cakes that blew me away :heart_eyes:


ok so i have been quiet for a few days