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That sucks!! Netflix just recently took off the older seasons so I was wondering if I could watch them on Viki instead-but turns out they don’t have it here either.


Yes. Hopefully the content provider will make the older episodes available to liscense again some day soon. It happened before with Running Man, The content provider make a separate program for the older episodes called Running Man Classics that could be liscensed on its own. It used to be on DF before DF ceased. Back then, DF have RM Classics and also RM (new eps). It would be good if they do something similar for Ask Us Anything.


I just have to share this! I was doing some surfing today and stumbled onto this gem; high school photos of the four leads from Goblin. Quoting the source of this gem (ockoala):



LOL I always feel like most k-actors and idols age like fine wine. Lee Dong Wook just keeps getting more and more handsome as he ages :see_no_evil::joy:
This reminds me of the MMTG interview i watched yetserday…

The MC, JaeJae, takes Han Ji Min and Lee Dong Wook down the memory lane of their acting careers. So funny to see how LDW keeps looking better and better as the years pass… he’s 40 now and has never looked better.

Yoo In Na has always been a cutie… watched her grow from Secret Garden to MLFTS to Goblin to Touch Your Heart… extremely pretty couple. Nearly died watching the last scene in Touch your Heart :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



When I can’t figure out what is going on with Viki, I know it’s time to sit down for a good chin-wag and a good cuppa and maybe a brownie.


What the what is this about?

There is content I want to see and need to see in order to keep up with what is going on in the Viki-verse. That means I need to upgrade from a Basic level subscription to a Plus level.

However, it appears that my becoming involved with subbing and being compensated with virtual badges and a free subscription and whatnot has made that impossible to do right now. My account has been debited for the Plus-level amount, but in order to access the benefits, I will have to wait about ten months???



Open a ticket at a help center! That looks pretty weird


That’s really weird.


Hmm. The Help center. That always produces . . . interesting results. Or not.

But when it’s necessary, it’s necessary.



An unfortunate truth. I hope you get it all straightened out sooner rather than later.


When it comes to viewer issues, especially concerning money and subscriptions, they reply pretty fast.


Saw this on YouTube, It’s another interview with Kim Ji Hun who was a BTS Trainee. This time with The Korea Herald. He talks a bit more about his experiences and in this interview they asked him to sing. He did a magazine photoshoot in the past and they showed a few photos so we get to see a glimpse of what he might have looked like as a group member with that “K Pop Glow Up”. From what I saw, I think he would have fit right in with BTS vibe. I was struck again by his sweet personality-he seems very friendly and easy going. Here’s link to his interview for anyone interested:

Ex BTS Trainee’s Message to BTS

Ji Hun also did an interview on his own YT channel with fellow BTS trainee Hwang Ji Hwang. It was very interesting to hear about Ji Hwang’s experiences as an idol trainee. Ji Hwang is now a teacher.
Here is link to the interview (Click on CC for English subs):
Miss A’s Suzy’s friend and Ex BTS Trainee Hwang Ji Hwan


A gift from wordtrip


lets see if anyone knows this,
the movie was set for 2022 if that helps


I want to know, :raising_hand_woman:t5:‍♀ does it have to do with the word silent :wink: I’m guessing. I need enlightenment. :joy:


Wow, it was set in 2022. And we have a product called soylent… :thinking:
That has to be on purpose :laughing: (when it came out, everyone made similar jokes, I think even the founder?)

I know what it means, even though I haven’t seen the original movie.
Also weird that the meal replacement is now more popular than the movie.


1973 Film “Soylent Green” starring Charleton Heston.
How strange to use that name for a drinks brand, considering.


I haven’t see the movie, but I get the joke.


OMG! It’s a real thing! And it has a mint chocolate flavor!

Don’t ask me to explain, but the famous line is a regular quote used in our household.

BTW, that meme is disturbingly hilarious. :sweat_smile:


Probably stating the obvious, but in reference to the 1973 movie Soylent Green with Charlton Heston: from Wickipedia: “…the oceanographic report reveals that the oceans are dying, and can no longer produce the plankton from which “Soylent Green” is made. The reports also reveal that “Soylent Green” is being produced from the remains of the dead and the imprisoned, obtained from heavily guarded waste disposal plants outside the city.”

Thus, if made from different dead people/bodies, the taste would differ. Pretty gross when you think about it. For the life of me, it doesn’t make sense that this product sells so well. Must be exceptional marketing.


are there really drinks called that?? and y’all are right, can you imagine we go that far to have those so called meal replacement, edward G robinson, I think became a “pill” awww don’t quote me, cause its just a “fly by night” memory. _ don’t think I would want to watch that movie today,
um too close for comfort, 2022 is what I mean_