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Huh! :thinking: So my hunch is spot on! It does have something to do with :shushing_face: silent. Now, should I already be :triumph::face_with_raised_eyebrow::angry::rage: is_ _ed about the reference to chocolate. I still need enlightenment. :unamused: 2022? :thinking: Maybe it’s best to let sleeping dogs lie. :roll_eyes: Huh?! Mint?!


A timelapse worth the watch! :wink::+1:t5:
She is Amazing!
She does it all!
Home Renovations, no problem!
Sewing, no problem!
Washing, no problem!
The list continues!
Still entirely Woman!
I :heavy_heart_exclamation: It! :blush:


enlightenment? it means, they used people, from old people, imprisoned, and the like, when Mr Robinson got missing, charleston was quite upset. anyway yes, it was a weird movie, but got us to thinking way back then, would something like that really happen? well, its 2022,

what do you think?? oh I am bad!!! the other movie was that (I think) blade runner, if a certain person reached a certain age, they disappeared, don’t think they were used as food. the concepts where the world is getting overpopulated, gotta do something!! so weird movies to say the least. hope y’all enjoyed the weirdness of this one


Sounds like Fried Green Tomatoes to me then, that’s another weirdly liked movie. I think it had something to do with revenge, the justification, and out shined the weirdness.


This is just me hypothesizing but I think in order to get ‘Soylent Green’ (the movie title), they named the beverage Soylent with the mint (for the green theme) chocolate flavor. Perfect year to come out with this since the movie takes place in the year 2022. I’m guessing they were looking for a pleasantly sweet flavor and mint chocolate filled the bill. (I know mint chocolate ice cream in delicious!!)


Oh! They did a movie in the future, and we’re literally now in that year! :ghost: :ghost: :ghost:


Yes, I also figured that the mint green was a nod to Soylent Green :laughing:
They are having a bit too much fun with this lol.


I seem to remember Blade Runner was about hunting down a replicant who wanted to live like a human, I don’t recall anything about people being too old to live, but I wasn’t a fan of the movie so I could have missed that. I do remember that premise in the 1976 movie Logan’s Run, set in 2274, thankfully there’s a long way to go before this one. :grimacing:


yeah! Logans run is the one I was thinking about, not Blade Runner


thought I’d share this one, and it doesn’t have crochet, gardening, sewing, or genealogy along with this, so I included these with what’s mentioned
so y’all got anything else?


you may not believe it, but found Blade runner on NF, so going to watch it tomorrow. think its a

newer version


another link not allowing me to put anything on here

just a view of the moon

well I will do it this way then!!
today I watched episode 15 of tomorrow, we all have seen all the scandals of a lot of our favorite actors & actresses, and it’s really heartbreaking to see & hear all the garbage.

this one episode hits it on the nail! loved it, and with some people that do those bad vibes, they ought to wake up, what are they really getting out of that, attention? or what? and boy did the ml give them what for!! these young people (excuse me, younger than me) that’s their livelihood, and to destroy their lives cause of vile gossip, lives ruined sheesh. ok off my soap box for the day


Just saw this video from 2015 on YT about America’s Longest Married Couple of 2015. Both husband and wife are 99 years old. I was amazed how in shape the husband was and the fact that both of them still had their hearing. Anyway, the interview was so heartwarming! 81 years of marriage-it boggles my mind! My grandparents were together for 55 years, but this couple beats that by 26 years, Amazing!


we ready for some conversation, coffee & cake??


Oh my word!


No Subway story is complete without Kdramas XD
He mentions them twice (in the middle and the end), but for context you need to watch the whole thing


OMG! That was sooooooo funny! Thanks for sharing!


That was equal parts disturbing and hilarious. Frankly, I wouldn’t miss it if I never ate at a Subway again, but my son inexplicably loves their sandwiches. Maybe it’s their bread that isn’t bread. LOL


You’re welcome :smile:
I thought of the countless PPL talks we’ve had in the different topics :laughing:

@my_happy_place hahahaha maybe it suits his tastebuds XD





Something tasty for the cafe! :yum:

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