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the picture I showed earlier, we gettin old!!! hehehehehe


Many of those are exclusively Ntfx shows, so it’s reasonable to assume that’s where we will find them. The rest, who knows.


I was really hoping Viki would have some of them, thanks for an answer anyway

missing the other side , OCN and probably NF right?

I was goiung to look them up on MDL, b ut like this one, has different places, so I guess we will have to just wait.


Missing, the other side is actually on Viki, so if there is a season 2, I hope it will be here too. Great show.


ok y’all the older ones at least remember this one??

Fury, 116 episodes (1955-1960)

and right along with Lassie


Lassie, Fury, Superman (the old black and white version…yeah, I’m THAT old) and My Friend Flicka. All my favorites for Saturday and after school/before farm chores viewing.
(Western Clippings)


There are so many, I liked also Tarzan, Daktari, Flipper and Enterprise those were than a bit later.


there ya go! now we are talking, those Saturday mornings were fantastic!!


I think there are some Suzy fans here at the Cafe? Her new drama “Anna” now have a premiere date of June 24, 2022. Here is English subbed trailer:


ok, y’all heres another cake, um how do we eat it? one bite at a time, wheres the coffee??

wonder how long it took to create & make this? I also went to the link that was shown, but more cakes!!


First, we need a crane to reach the top. :open_mouth:


ok heres another one, hmmm wonder why my “sweet tooth” is acting up??



anyone know where in Korea this is??

A Music School in Korea.

ok time for a snack

watermelon cake


So cool! Two dramas already scheduled for him! :heart_eyes:


We have one like this in my city


Both are amazing!


a big WOW!!: I think that one should be put on my “bucket list!”


They have a beautiful city view too. It’s such a nice place, full of talented people.
The owner is a really talented pianist, and her son is such a good cellist.