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So Just saw this article at Soompi. Can’t say that I am surprised. I kind of figured something might be happening when they released PROOF this year instead of 2023 as this type of anthology project is usually released for milestones (10th, 20th, anniversary, etc). My first thought was enlistment, but it also makes sense that they want to focus on solo projects- many groups do the same after their initial contract time expires (usually 7 years). They are adults now so it just makes sense that they want to focus more on personal interests. It was mentioned at another forum that actually BTS will continue group activities for the rest of this year, and 2023 will see the new focus. I guess we will see. If military duty is in the picture for them, then both Jin and Suga should be away for 2023. I heard J Hope is going to be at Lollapalooza this year so it will be interesting to see how he performs as a soloist. I notice he’s one of the headliners for the final day of the festival, so I think the move to solo projects has been in the works for some time.


just fyi, its not mine. ready for coffee & ice cream?


:statue_of_liberty::apple: New York City gas prices :apple::statue_of_liberty:


5.89? wow! just stay there, I will be satisfied with our prices for now. yeah I know ours is climbing too…

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Ouch!! I know it’s coming to us eventually too. Last night $4.69 for super unleaded (89% gas and 11% ethanol) here in NW Iowa. :disappointed_relieved::unamused:


Ours are nearly as high in the NW corner of the country.


aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh summer already, and now we complain of the heat, go figure!!


well people I made a huge mistake thjis morning,just thought I would share. as you know I am a senior, and easily , easily “suckered” into getting something.

I do love to garden, and found something to my liking. the name is Back yard gardening, tempted me greatly, and I didn’t think before I did it, anyway, $71.00 ( a bunch of different gardening books btw)

I spent on books, from hydrophonic gardening, to other gardening stuff, it did say free, then it put a bunch of other stuff on there. they already got their money, so not sure I can cancel order now. I am going to try later and see if I can get my money back, and if not a lesson well learned, and got some books to read, look into and so on. shipping & handling 9.95

so my frustration for the day, lets have some cake & ice cream

or this cake


:triumph: I hate those adds! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Let us know if you successfully got your money returned.

Followup when the email becomes a reality.


just got an email saying they are refunding my money!! yeaaaa!! lesson well learned…


hi guys! Also i got accpeted into the Ninja segmenting school yay!


just want to than k y’all for just listening to my woes yesterday

. so here is some cake to give you, course we need coffee, happy first day of summer


If you’ve ever been on Google Maps in Street view and have seen the shadow of one of the backpackers, this video might interest you :laughing:

Sheep view! :rofl: Very creative


Awww we’re always here to listen… please tell us if you were able to settle everything well!


Yup! 2022!
Check your own country’s, and local area!


Our local weather took this timing very literally this year. We’ve had very unseasonably cool weather all spring, but it looks like starting today we will trend much more summer-like.


money has been deposited in my account! yeaaaa


Yay! Good news :smile:


Such good interviews


just seen this one and thought I would share

time flies