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It sure does. Wow!


something different, I think it would be messy, but what do I know



It does look messy, but it looks delicious!


how about a banana split?? can’t put this on the share your crochet one so thought this would be a good place as any to share

Ice Cream to Crochet! – free patterns [](


That looks so good!


and I so much want to make it, who is stopping me?? ME!!


mount rainere national park, state of Washington, USA


So pretty. My parents and brothers live in places where they only have to drive a few blocks to get amazing views of this mountain.

Geography lesson for the day: Did you know Mt. Rainier is actually one of FIVE major stratovolcanoes in my home state of WA? Here are the rest:

Mt. Adams (visible from just about anywhere in my hometown)

Mt. Baker

Glacier Peak

And of course, Mt. St. Helens (Before and after)


yes I learned that many years ago, but wonder if they can come back alive, like mt st helens? don’t think they will but a good question I think


Let’s hope not, but you never know.


If I’m not mistaken, the volcanos that you & @my_happy_place mentioned are considered active, not extinct, so yes, they can erupt like Mt St Helens. But like Happy said, let’s hope not.


Technically you are correct. :volcano:



yeah! thats right, even though no activity, they are still active. wow!!!


K-Fans in Paris :fr:


there is a neat article on Mydramalist. I really learned something about the Chinese dramas, y’all ought to take a look at it


It’s official, another A-list baby is on the way! :baby_symbol: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I remember a poster saying something about this pre-wedding. Is it possible that was the clincher? I also understand that typically, Asian people carry their babies internal, verses external, until later in their pregnancy. All in all! 축하해요!! :pregnant_woman:t2: :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:



have you had someone try to tell you what to do?

Don’t let the dictates of others rule your life, see what Mr Morgan says??

heres another one to think about


Watch, you’ll find it fun, and entertaining. :blush::blush::blush: