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I love it. :owl:


heres another one, don’t know if y’all have Debbie cakes in your country


Ingredient Notes

  • Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes – you’ll need eight cakes. Most of the boxes I’ve seen come with six cakes, so you’ll need two boxes.
  • Cool Whip – this is best with the extra creamy Cool Whip but you can also make it with regular if that’s all you have.
  • Sprinkles – these are totally optional but really add a nice festive touch to this Christmas tree cake dip. I like larger sprinkles but little nonpareils can be used as well.

How To Make Christmas Tree Cake Dip

This Christmas tree cake dip is a great addition to any Christmas party whether you’re hosting with one of these more unique Christmas party themes or just doing a standard Christmas party with a white elephant gift exchange.

Either way, it’s an easy, quick, and festive dessert that’ll be the hit of the party!

Start by cutting your Christmas tree cakes into small pieces. They’re soft enough that you can just cut them all at once using a large knife or cut them individually. You want them to be small bite-sized chunks not totally mashed up pieces.The goal is 1/2 inch wide pieces. Once they’re all chopped, add those into a large bowl.Then fold in the Cool Whip and vanilla gently. Just like before, you don’t want to mash all of those Christmas tree cakes, you just want to gently mix them together with the other ingredients.

Once that’s thoroughly mixed, add your sprinkles if using. Fold them in gently. The color from the sprinkles may bleed into the white color of the dip but that won’t change the yummy flavor!
Move the dip into a bowl and top with more sprinkles. Then serve with cookies, graham crackers, or fresh fruit. I personally love dipping these sugar cookie bites in this dip!


now write!

The season has passed, we are coming upon Fall. weather is changing, the leaves changing colors, how awesome it is when we do see the chnaging of the seasons! there is a story to tell here but its so q1uiet and serene at ther moment, birds are starting their wake up calls, I even see fish swimming at the top of the water, looking for food to eat.

yes a song does come to mind, " someone bigger than you or I" a old song, sung by Elvis Presley. the sky looks ready to wake up to a refreshing new day, can someone throw the rock and make it bounce 3 times?
my coffee still warm while sitting here just enjoying the beauty of the day
so to bring this to an end, May the Good Lord richly bless you and keep you. a reminder, a small act of kindness goes a long way.

ok lets write!

traveling down an old dirt road filled with leaves




hey if they want to go naked, go all the way, not half way. they look sloppy to me, If I wore something like that, I think mine would fall out, so how do they keep the “girls” intact like that ??


:rofl::rofl::joy: Some specially made tape. :rofl:


Yep, lots and lots of tape.


And then they call bras restrictive? :flushed:


now y’all we haven’t had any cake for a time, which is nice, but time to get cake & coffee or tea


or how about this one


Holy moly, that library cake! So many tiny books.

That first cake is so fancy.


lets play a tune??



Never heard of Little Debbies (and not really sure what Cool whip is) but I do like cookies when watching dramas on my laptop, :slight_smile: We might only have sprinkles here in rural Sweden. :wink:


Cool Whip is just a brand name of whipped cream.


Ok, that is something that´s that we have. :slight_smile:


Also, Little Debbies is a brand name for a variety of pre-made baked goods, so if you had something similar, you could substitute.


Thank you so much!:green_heart: I do bake a lot (having chickens i sometimes get a lot of eggs that i have to do something with). :slight_smile:


You’re very welcome. Sometimes I wish I had my own egg supply. I don’t really bake much, but we enjoy lots of egg dishes.


thank-you my_happy_place for telling them, I sure forgot to!


@maria_lavendula_77 Happy is giving too much credit to Cool Whip, it’s a whip cream alternative, kept in the freezer section, mostly hydrogenated oils and corn syrup. If you buy it thinking it’ll taste anything like whip cream you’ll be disappointed, it doesn’t have much flavour.

And you can’t have a discussion about Cool Whip without Family Guy…