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Yes, exactly. The “Coming Soon” is not listing all of the titles liscensed by Viki. It is very frustrating. Also, as you point out, it does not make sense. I do not understand why Viki wants to hide the information about forthcoming series and films.


I really was surprised at it!!


I`m happy becaus today I´m done in the Sandbox (segmenting) it wasn´t easy for me but still I had such a nice sensei and hoppfully my next will be as good. Who knew seggmenting was so interesting.


Congrats! @maria_lavendula_77!! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: Wonderful shared news! As a member of this community, I look forward to your expertise. :blush:


Thank you! :green_heart: I know it´s going to be more steps until i´m a segmenter but I´m so happy and greatful that i made my first graduation. Segmenting is fun but it isn´t easy. :slight_smile:


Congrats! Keep up the good work.:tada:


Wordtrip Discoveries :wink::blush:


How cool is that?


The resilience is so amazing! :blush:


I did a search on Cheng Yi, :face_with_hand_over_mouth::rofl: you appeared quite often, anyhow, I saw this on weibo.

[cp]#成毅[超话]# 是谁大晚上还没睡来看帅哥#成毅优酷扫楼# 别羡慕优酷员工啦,14分钟前线直拍[doge] 成毅亲手给的奶茶第一视角#成毅扫楼路透# 太帅了! ​​​[/cp]
[cp]#chengyi[super talk]# Who is still not sleeping at night to see the handsome guy#ChengyiYouku sweeping building# Don’t envy the Youku staff, 14 minutes of frontline shooting [doge] Cheng Yi personally gave the first milk tea Perspective#Cheng Yisweeping Reuters# Too handsome! ​​​[/cp]

Fans trying to get a photo of Cheng Yi. :smile:


I loved this

Some might think of it as a utopia and some may view it as an unrealistic wish, but if the generation where we care about, understand, and hug each other can grow wider, and our ability to hug becomes greater, I hope viewers will feel that the person Woo Young Woo has shown us can exist wherever, whenever.”

This is how I feel about happy endings too. Our ability to embrace each other does become greater.


That is so beautifully stated.

I think all of us who crave happy endings understand the sentiment. I know I do.


Just wanted to say to all community members who grew up with this lady’s image on their money or her portrait on their wall that I was sorry to read on the Guardian website this afternoon about her passing.

(CNN website)

I myself have a fair amount of English DNA packed in each and every cell (and sometimes I find it in conflict with the Scotch-Irish, French, Welsh, and German DNA that’s there as well), and I am surprisingly sad at her passing.

Compared to others of her family who had the term King or Queen affixed to their given names, Lilibet was a game old girl who took her responsibilities, her faith, and her subjects seriously. Her necessarily insulated life and her sense of duty made it hard to think outside the cultural box at times, and perhaps her worst moment as Queen was her initially unbending response to Princess Diana’s death.

But compared to the man who will soon ascend the throne, she was a remarkable soul.

(It’s too bad that, when Charles and Diana got so nastily divorced, his sister Anne wasn’t allowed to bump him out of the lineup and become heir to the throne.)

At any rate, it’s a sad day. Somebody truly special has left the stage of human history.




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I don’t know if this will be the first time I will have said this here in Discussions, but it drives me crazy that we have to page through all the pages in our collections to get to the most recently added dramas. Is it really that hard to add a ‘sort by’ feature? I probably shouldn’t ask that, though. This is Viki we’re talking about. :woman_shrugging:t4::sweat_smile:


:smile::smile: Maybe they’re slowly working their way, :construction: Viki is always under construction. :construction:
There are so many threads lamenting the same, or similar issues, I’ll link you! :wink:



havent had any snacks lately. so here ya go