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anyone remember this one?

Do you remember the 60s,70s & 80s

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They call him Flipper Flipper faster than lightning

No one you see is smarter than he

And we know Flipper lives in a world full of wonder

Flying there under under the sea" 🐬🐬


want more cake??


how’s everyone doing today?


Heading to bed with my tablet for some drama watching and eventually sleep.

Have a great weekend!


Im going to show my Iaido (japanes sword) with fellow Iaidoka and some Kendokas will show their Kendo at an event. Im not really good at it to be honest (read started last year and is a middle-aged woman so not as agile as others) but I love the sport. :slight_smile:


Wow it’s cool that you’re up for the challenge! Hope you have fun! :heart:


I am going to a “function” or a study at church today, Priscilla Shirer. an all-day thing, yeah I do hesitate for a couple of reasons. but will wait & see. later y’all

and again over thinking…


in your “dreams” did you react those dramas?? and you in it!!


This is a photo that was taken of me and my sensei (Caroline) by Peter Sjödin, when she was showing me kata4. I´m the one with the long hair and I have to say that it´s never to late to start doing things just for fun and learning something new. :wink:


That’s a great appetizer show case and the chive tails so creative, was certainly quite the work!! :heart_eyes:


Thanks for sharing your hobby. Very cool.

I don’t usually dream in ‘drama’, but for the last few nights I actually have. I’m currently watching a drama about several people living in a house-share together, and I hung out with them in my dreams last night. :smile:


Exciting exhibition on Hallyu just opened at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, England. Hopefully they will add more online content for those fans who can’t go to the exhibit in person. Exhibit will run until June 25 2023.

Hallyu! The Korean Wave


thats interesting, and in England. that is where I would love to go see anyway. history is my forte. love learning of different places like Korea, China, etc,etc,etc


some cake to share

amazing how these people do their cakes!!

Cake Baking And Decorating for Beginners ·


Salad Lovers · ·




That is so beautiful! I’m impressed with many things about it, but the colors struck me first. They are so realistic and not something you see on a cake every day.


Enjoy HB&SYJ prepared by a fan. It’s currently at 1.4M views. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes::revolving_hearts::wink:


I really was caught off-guard with the news lol


I sort of half-jokingly asked the hubby if we could take a little trip to LA so I could go to the two-day Kpop festival where my top 2 Kpop groups would both be performing, among other great groups. I fully expected him to roll his eyes, but he didn’t. So it’s official, I have purchased my tickets and am officially attending my first Kpop concert!!! Yes, I am going by myself while my hubby and son do their own thing, but I don’t care. It’s kind of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I could NOT pass it up. :musical_note::heart_eyes:


Congratulations!!! SO glad you’re going to live the dream! :star_struck::heart: send us any pictures you can!

especially personally photographed pictures of our boys :heart: