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I’ll be in the nosebleed section, but I’ll do what I can. :blush:



Autumn Pegasus by Daniel Eskridge
Autumn Pegasus by Daniel Eskridge


heres another cake for us


Congratulations to Namgoong Min and his fiancee! Wishing them many happy years together. According to the Soompi article, the wedding is Oct. 7, so coming soon. I hope they will share a few photos with fans. Bride is a fashion model, so everyone should look gorgeous! I remember when their dating news broke- has it really been 7 years ago? Wow. About time they made it official.

In other dating news, Dispatch posted a long article about Park Min Young dating an ex-con. He seems pretty shady. People are commenting that this news could be a blow to her new drama and her career in general. I don’t know. I do remember a few years ago another actress also dated a man involved in fraud. He gave her a car and some other things. The news came out and she was criticized and her career tanked. I guess we will have to see what happens.


Have a safe trip and a wonderful time but we will all be expecting a full report upon return, please. :wink:


Take a look! These are :star_struck::heart_eyes::star_struck:


Wow, those glazes are so pretty!


awesome!! going to check that out later


The mirror glaze looks just like “acrylic pouring” technique, you can also use various tools like the little bowl with holes… I just wonder what is the material they use for coating, I guess some type of sugar mix…

When you prepare and mix colors it’s a bit like math… gotta know ahead :slight_smile:

I have paint and canvas… perhaps a xmas project :smile:


I had a short period of time when I was addicted to watching videos of people doing the acrylic pouring. it’s so fascinating. I thought it would be fun to try but never got around to it.


y’all remember this show, one of my crushes
Dr. Kildare is a medical drama television series that aired for five seasons on NBC from September 28, 1961, to August 30, 1966, starring Richard Chamberlain and Raymond Massey.


oh dear remember this one, Roy Thinnis


Same here and it’s few years back then, lol, it’s also quite messy and you need to know how to coordinate the pour as well the colors… there is also the heat or hair dryer and I think salt sprinkling… it’s luck or bad luck… it definitely takes practice!


Ah, Richard Chamberlin-so handsome! I remember him more from his “King of the Miniseries” days in the 1980s. I remember watching him in both “Shogun” and “The Thorn Birds.” Both excellent productions. Sadly, they don’t make them like that anymore. Although, they are filming a remake of “Shogun.” I don’t know how I feel about that as the original miniseries from 1980 is so iconic. But I guess if it can bring new interest in the source novel by James Clavell, then that’s good.
My aunt was a big fan of Richard Chamerlin and also “Dr. Kildare.” She even had his album, “Dr. Kildare Sings,” LOL! (Actually, Richard Chamberlin had a nice voice)


Actress Park Min Young doing some damage control for her dating scandal.

Wow, even her sister had to quit her job to help out. Hopefully, she will be able to get a new job easily.


:blush: Like the K-drama, The Thorn Birds.

Looks like Viki no longer has it licensed. The OSTs are quite memorable, and keeps the scenes captivating

I do wish her the best, hopefully all will be righted, and she’ll do better moving forward. I have high expectations for celebrties who are talented. It’s sad when they make decisions that negatively impacts, first, themselves, and everyone concerned.



I second that; I’m right now addicted to watching (YT) ppl making acrylic projects (I love especially when they use it in wood materials). It’s a lot of work, and many extra materials are needed, that if I ever do a project with acrylic it would have to be on a very small scale.
One, I live in a big apartment, but is not a house with a garage where I can mess with all that stuff. Also the cost of materials like special gloves, things to protect our eyes, etc. All that cost money, and I rather travel or buy clothes, furniture, etc.


I’m sure this :arrow_right: “we apologize for the delayed statement as it took some time for the agency to confirm the facts.”
means that Park Min Young & her agency were figuring out how best to put out this fire. She probably needed that added time to break-up with him and convincer her sister to quit her job.


I’m sure you are right. Park Min Young’s agency also had ties to this man, so for sure everyone was trying to figure out the next move. The SBS news report on the relationship and this now ex-boyfriend’s shady dealings seems to have been the catalyst for trying to resolve things quickly as the report aired and then PMY and her agency both made statements distancing themselves from Mr. “Kang” the next day, I think.

Her drama got a ratings boost, so it looks like she was successful in keeping the good opinion of the public and saving her career.


Yes, I guess the original “Thorn Birds” must have been a success in South Korea since they borrowed the name for this drama , too. (Although the plots are completely different)

Yes, I think PMY will survive this scandal. Hopefully she will be a bit more cautious in choosing her next boyfriend.