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I have a sweet tooth lately, I grabbed something the nearest me in the isle, some cookies “Japonais” the filling is a soft whipped hazelnut cream with crushed almonds on the light cookie like meringue: :yum::yum::yum:




didn’t know if I should have put on the laughter link, but I think too serious, so how about it? you ever see your dog or cat stare in the distance at nothing?
so heres the reason why

The Boothill Express… one of the greatest Show Cars of all time!!
Via Dave Shuten


That’s very interesting! When I was little my grandmother was a breader of Maltese dogs, we had often puppies, I was very sad when they were sold. When I got older I got one puppie to keep for myself. Years went by and my dog got sick and died when it was 13 years old. When I had kids one of my sons always wanted to have a cat… and found an ad for a free cat which we then took home with us and I fell in love with this cat… sadly it got cancer and died with 12. I still miss him dearly. Where I live there are lots of cats and many of them come to me and I give them a little head massage they love… I feel more as a cat person than a dog.
Today on my way to a community garden a black cat crossed the street… some are superstitious that something bad might happen… I just love cats, I think they are majestic and very smart, they can make more than 50 different sounds! :cat::smile_cat:

This is a German nursery song about baker baking a cake “Backe backe Kuchen…” :rofl:

funny cats :wink:


thanks for sharing that!


Here you go K-Idol fans. :wink:


ok here ya go…


So I’m quite good at suspension of disbelief, but it really irritates me when there are obvious wrongs. The director/writer wants me to believe that decently built man can’t catch a woman in a dress and heals, going up stairs, & jumping over obstacles such as stair rails?


real? or crocheted?

NO answer till I hear from y’all


I feel like I might offend them if I say they are man-made, but they aren’t. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Either way, they’re adorable.


you are right! i thought they were cute as well.



I think they’re probably crocheted, the eyes and noses are the only thing that make me think so though. And I also think they are adorable.


you are right!


That’s a really good one Mary!
I just felt that “Fraudbook” was too time consuming, I only liked and miss my groups of interests like herbs, mushrooms and favorite health/wellness pages… too bad, it just changed so much and all the tracking… like on the net… digitalization isn’t always good… it will get worse, I feel sorry to the newer generation since they will never know the life without a cell phone and many other nice happy things we used to have… we’ll soon be owned by machines… chipping will be next… ever watched the Maxtrix movie?


Wow the first look can be intriguing, I had to enlarge the picture and like others already said, you definitely can see the difference first in the eyes and nose, so crochet puppies looking very real :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


good call y’all, yep crocheted puppies


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I also thought for like a few months. neat, thanks for the share