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Congrats Mary, wow already! How does it feel?
Here my treat to celebrate although it’s virtually, I hope you can smell and taste it in your mind :joy:

Happy Halloween as well, boohhhhh…




mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! delicious!! and how I feel, weird being on something like this Viki for so long!





@leerla73 hmm what a delicious recipe and it looks also tasty!!! I can’t find here roasted peanuts without salt… I don’t even like the salty one…
And I’d probably would the opposite dark choco first and white after. Not sure where to find sugarless white choco. The channel is dangerous… such delicious treats :star_struck:


Hahahaha! :joy::laughing::joy: Yes a very dangerous channel.

Is it possible to rinse the salted peanuts in several bowls, then put them in the oven for drying?

Maybe using a different kind of unsalted nut will work too, I know peanut has oil, so maybe another oil producing nut. I think it helps the dates to stick in the pastery.

In the comments, someone switched up the type of chocolate, and said it was just as delicious. So, get creative if you’ve decided to try it, and maybe share your results with us here in the cafe?


Well I’ve done almond butter, I roasted them a bit before processing, they have oil too, but peanuts have this strong flavor… could also use walnuts.

I didn’t think of rinsing them but it’s def doable. Thanks for the tip. I almost fell asleep at the beauty make over video because it was so relaxing, my hair did this like raising hair feeling I usually get when watching sb doing hair… so funny. (I’m very tired today).

I ran out of chocolate :sob:


Now this looks great too!!!


I had to bookmark both of those videos. I have a feeling I could fall down a rabbit hole if I went to that YTuber’s page.


That’s a guarantee! :rofl::rabbit2::rabbit::hole:


now which one do I want??


one more


nnnnnnnaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww! heres my cake!!


Gorgeous! So many rich-colored frostings on the cakes you share.


They’re very pretty, but if you ever get a cake with black icing ask, what they use to colour it, if they use the normal way of adding dye, just know that everyone will have black tongues and teeth. My wedding cake had black as an accent colour, it was still enough to turn everyone’s teeth and tongue black, LOL


That’s very true!


It’s bit hard to decide, but definitely not the black fondant, black isn’t probably a color I find appetizing but I’d eat the blackberries… so probably the strawberry one thinking it’s lightweight :joy:


ok this is for the “kids at heart”