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9.11 remembrance, then this… :pray:



:rainbow: :rainbow: Double Rainbow! :rainbow::rainbow:
:rainbow::rainbow: Double Rainbow :rainbow::rainbow:


Sometimes in life we just need a HUG. No words, no advice, just a hug to make you feel better. Here is a BIG HUG from me to you! 🥰❤️


:people_hugging: I´m giving one back! :slight_smile:


One reason why I love being active on Viki is that I learn different things when I’m translating…I have to get all the details correct for it to be good, some things are incredibly easy and quick to translate, and then sometimes I get stuck and become curious. Today I got a bit stuck on clouds, there are a huge number of different kinds of clouds. I live in Sweden so weather is something I often think about, it´s 20,51 so sadly I cant see any clouds but it´s a beautiful starry night. :wink:
Cloud iridescence - Wikipedia


I am ready for cake & icecream, with the fave coffee or tea



my area has the hurricane/tropical storm, whatever, its chilly and overcast sky

I do love watching clouds, so many varities and such. when I walk I do watch


More gorgeous cakes!

There is a definite feel of fall in the air these days, and I had my first urge to drink cocoa of the season.


I want those mugs.


oh would be good for today!! instead of coffee! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

and yes the mugs , awesome


Please adopt me immediately! LOL!

On a more bothersome note: I just discovered that my QC status goes away in FOUR days unless I make 435 contributions.

This will not happen.

Some of you know that my work subbing got impacted by my contracting COVID in January 2022, and I barely hung on thanks to work with After School Club.

Then that hit a snag.

Then things looked great when I was told about the need for redoing subs for Tree With Deep Roots.

Then that hit a snag.

Then I recently got a notice that After School Club is up and running again, but so far I’ve probably only made ten or so subbing contributions because I am currently going through a whole lot of personal stuff–not bad, just time-consuming.

The worst of these is having my homeowner’s insurance cancelled for some shady reasons after twenty years; the best of them is getting to see my baby sister and my niece who are coming to celebrate my 70th birthday on October 4.

So one question is: where in my Account or profile information can I change my bank card information?

I lost the card I’ve had for two and a half years and replaced it. I want to be able to seamlessly move back to being a paying customer, but I am not finding anywhere I can delete my old card information and enter new information.

Also, on a sort of related note, how can I change my user ID?

I joined Viki in 2015, almost a year after I broke up with a guy I thought I was going to marry, and I used the nickname he gave me in my Viki user ID. I want to change it now for a variety of reasons, one of which is that he got married at Thanksgiving in 2019, and EVERYBODY knew about it except me, and when I saw him and his new wife and congratulated him and her, he yanked her away and would not let me talk to her.

Fortunately, this guy and his new wife moved out of town last year, and I haven’t seen him since.

The point is that I want to change my Viki user ID, but I don’t see a way to do that, either.

Lots of information and questions, and if anyone can help me out, I’d really appreciate it.


I don’t think I can help with the bank card question, but for your username…

On your profile page, there is an “edit profile” button underneath your name on the left, next to your avatar picture. Once there, you can change your username as well as your full name if you wish to.

Edit: I just went to the “subscriptions” page, but since I have QC status, it seems there isn’t anywhere to input a payment method. Maybe you have to wait until your status completely expires before you can add a new payment card?

I was afraid of that. It’s not a big deal, but over the summer I’ve become cranky about most every money transaction that can’t be done very simply.

I wish I could barter with Viki. I’ll trade you ten pounds of Virginia ham for a year’s subscription to Viki!

And I know it’s not a horrible thing to have to watch ads if necessary.

I’m just being a bit of a whiner, I guess.

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It's the Subscription, & Settings Tab for changing your payment type. There's a Edit button on your profile.

Go to your profile:
entwyfhasbeenfound - Rakuten Viki

Your payment type should be under the Subscription tab. If it’s not there, then what my_happy_place said, may be the case. You can always open a help ticket.

I like the user name misswillowinlove, it’s giving feels of a Jane Austen novel.

It’s safe to say, we’re on the same page here, I’ve long vented my frustration, of the change from a simple transaction, to the neverending upgrades, making payments so complicated. And yes! It is horrible to watch adds, it’s just not natural. You’re not a whiner, what you’ve said, is facts!

Yikes! So we can look forward to a misswillowinlove turning into a KimchiSlappingAhjumma after all that? :thinking: We all need to vent one way or another. :joy::joy:


Fall/Autumn 2023. :wink:


This is happening at LaGuardia Airport, Terminal A.

Thankfully a coworker sent it before I set out for work. I did not get an emergency alarm on my phone. I understand only people in the affected areas got the alarm. So, I’d have walked right into it, I am like a turtle when it comes to watching the tele., or checking the local reports.

Ha!haaa! :no_entry_sign: :swimming_man: :joy: You’d think they know to add that sign by now, what with a lake like water, located right behind the terminal. The added rain, and flashflooding, just created the lake in front.

It will get into the terminal, if the flooding persist, but it’s forcasted to stop early afternoon. As of now, it’s not raining as hard, I hear rolling thundering.

Since I’m on a different side of Queens, I’m not sure how they are doing right now at the airport.

Fall 2023 NYC Flood coverage is in the first five minutes of the video.
Sen. Dianne Feinstein :butterfly::dove::white_heart: has died at age 90, active to the day! - see time stamp 8:51


Holy moly! I hope you are staying safe!