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I think they need to add “no swimming” to the sign in the 3rd picture!
Is all that water getting into the terminal?


October 1st 2023


Jesus. It’s been so long since I’ve been active here. How are you all?


Welcome back! Hope you are doing well.:slightly_smiling_face:


I realized that we have to be so careful ‘‘HOW’’ we watch things on media/different places/sites etc. without letting it affect our emotions and state of mind. Lately, they were adding videos from Germany and the Netherland, and a supposedly path of destruction from severe weather. When we encountered here in USA the flood I could see how much they exaggerate things and I understood how upset my family in Florida got just because they were grossly exaggerated news.

Everyone thought I had lost my car since they show in the news a few cars underwater, but that only happened in a place where they have a big lake close to the houses and their cars did get flooded. It was a small area, and not all over like they tried to portray in the news.

As a matter of fact, some people must think Brooklyn is just one Borough when Park Slope (brooklyn) that was severely flooded; was confused as Williamsburg and a severely flooded area. But thankfully our area not only wasn’t flooded the kids actually were playing Basketball at some point. My family members were sick with worry, and I blame YT and the ‘‘staged’’ scenes they make to get large count views. That is why I hope you all don’t bother with those ‘‘fake news’’

For example, La Guardia Airport was flooded on Terminal A due to the fact that the terminal was constructed in an area that was highly prone to floods since in the past was used as a sanitation dumping garbage ground, and that created the problem they are facing now. By the FDR Drive a small rain pour also causes floods because the water level from the river is higher than the highway; so I avoid FDR route even on regular rain days. Is not like we have no other options/routes we can take to avoid the flooded areas.

But I’m so over YT, and their so many fake videos; that I will be more alert to avoid them like the devil does the cross [God rebuke] so I can stop getting so paranoid like I was lately. is not healthy especially for young children that are fed all these lies…tsk tsk shame on them!

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Good to see you back. Hope all is well!


By now, the dire situation in Israel is well known. My heart is breaking. Average people of faith AND no faith, average people of many different ethnic and cultural backgrounds who just want to live in peace together . . . so many people are in harm’s way.

My Christian parents taught me a foundational truth from the time I could understand words: all human beings deserve love and respect simply because they exist.

In order for humanity to survive, this and other foundational truths must be lived out with even more determination now.

Please know that, as I pray for the peace of Jerusalem, I am praying for many people, and I am so sorry that so many are in such pain now.


@ ntwyfhasbeenfound

They are also killing the Christians in India, and many other countries all around the world. I believe this will lead to many wars, and ultimately WWIII.

Thank you for praying since that’s what the world needs the most right now. I feel so alone as I pray in my apartment. I get harassed where I live whenever I Pray. They go next to my door and scream, fight, make threats in the hallway, and the cops are so corrupted I call them and they don’t EVEN show up. I will pray in the bedroom from now on so they don’t interrupt my prayers.

I hope that many other join us too as we pray for peace in the world.



My youngest son started working last month, and recently came back home so sick, and he had a horrible cough that lasted 2 weeks. Unfortunately, I caught it. and ever since then the food, and even the fruits and even water taste so nasty. I am praying it goes away because I’m having a hard time cooking since I can’t do the usual taste testing and my kids hate to taste the food and give me an opinion. I wouldn’t be able to make you the oreo cookie pie … :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:


we all need to pray!!


I was going to share a bunch of Christmas stuff, yeah like Snoopy and Red baron, but for some reason, the sound doesn’t want to come on here. oh well. now will hear that song all day, but it’s fun/funny!! and last year I did discover how that red baron was killed, and if I recall there was a movie about him, I don’t remember who played in the movie. I’d love to find the movie, aaaahhh prime , bet it has it!!


it was my stuff, no sound, but I fixed it now. I got sound.

ok enough already.
lets have cake & coffee

how about snacks?


oh great time change coming up!

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y’all have a great DAY!

why am I not able to put anything on here??operation Christmas box


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Is it just me or do others reward themselves when they do something they haven’t done before? Today I tried doing A&C on two languages at the same time, I told the CS that if he sees things that can improve it’s ok to tell me. I was so nervous but when I was working I felt like it was something I’m really looking forward to do again tomorrow, but less nervous.
I’m so happy that had iaido and milk carton tameshigiri earlier today, so I wasn’t just waiting at home… :wink:
Photo taken by my sensei and borrowed from our Instagram.


anyone ready for coffee & cake??



Yesterday awarded us an extra hour.
How did that work out for you?
:sleeping_bed: Some folks slept through the extra hour gained.
:briefcase: Other folks worked through an extra hour, not accepting any compensation. :free: Free Labor. :free:
:eye::eye: The ones who watched time flip back an hour, served as living witnesses to an unusual occurrence.
Time: I just did this little exercise, and it worked.


See Time Stamp 8:31, Dilraba’s dress.
Marcus Here!

I enjoyed Dilraba wearing this dress, and the function was appropriate.

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Never Give Up!

She did @ 80!