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I know that and that’s why I’ve kept my hopes up all this time :grimacing: I’m not worried because EXO-L IS the largest fandom after ARMY.

What I absolutely LOVE is the way they sound almost the same live or in the studio. I actually enjoy the live versions more than some studio versions!! Their stages are always impressive!

My hugest dream is to be part of this party… I ALWAYS get goosebumps when I watch it!

and Chen’s amazing high note:

And these are all 2015 performances… it’s close to my heart because it’s the first concert I watched and fell in love with them.


You know how some videos/shows/video games come with warnings about triggering seizures? Well, they need to come up with warnings for people with motion sickness. Seriously. I’m down again. Might be back.


Oh did the FANCAM give you vertigo - or MyungSoonie


It was the GOT7 MV. I have to go hide in the dark for a bit. That was bad.


@kdrama2020ali here’s your bias being pestered while he’s trying to sing his part :joy:

I think the video playback is disabled for other sites so you’ll have to watch on Youtube. The clip is around 0:44

awww… I’ll make sure to check videos before posting them, too


Oh the scooters! Gosh I have been trying to find that forever I could hear the scooters I could see them and I could not figure out the song! Sorry! I was so excited to find it.

The Bad Girl with MyungSoonie! I used to jog to that all the time! I love that song!

I had vertigo when I got up this morning! Ugh - I’m sorry! I almost didn’t do the Watch Party


I love that cute video they are usually more sexy! It is fun to see them do something cute.

Was DO in Swing Kids during that time because he has no hair!!!?


That’s sweet, and I appreciate it, but you don’t really need to go that extra mile for me, especially since I can’t exactly quantify what my triggers are other than, for sure, lots of quick jump cuts in editing. Otherwise, it happens when it happens.

There has also been a trend over the last several years in the film industry of not using steadicam and that will also definitely trigger it.

It’s not your fault. I’m glad you were able to track down what you were looking for. It’s so frustrating when you just have a little detail to go on in a song or show or something but you’re desperate to find it. I put out a request not long ago about a drama I was trying to remember. I had so few details to go on, but someone was able to find it for me. I was so impressed.

I also gets bouts of vertigo. My symptoms of vertigo and my symptoms of motion sickness are totally different, but the coping mechanism is basically the same - I have to preferably lie down or at least find a position I can remain motionless in, and escape from all sensory input like sight and sound. Usually I can find my bearings again after a bit. The first bout of vertigo I had lasted for 2 weeks and it was a nightmare.


I don’t know but they aren’t as durable as you’d expect. From an interview with Johnny

‘Although the stage outfits for that era had a wild style, that wasn’t what made them unforgettable to Johnny. Before bursting into laughter, he revealed they would rarely stay in one piece by the end of a performance, “ It often got torn. ”’ Source

It’s probably because of ~ 4:07


ohhhh Cherry Bomb… the song is annoying but the choreography is one of the best I’ve ever seen! And Taeyong really goes all out with the split :hushed:

oh they have a whole lot of cute concept stages :smile::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It’s just that the sexier ones (obviously) get more popular.
They are ADORABLE in this one… I love this song “Peter Pan.” They sing about being our Peter Pans in Neverland. I die every time they say I’m prettier than Wendy or Cinderella :joy:

And here they are in their elf concept :joy: D.O looks like the grumpiest elf regretting every decision he’s ever made.

This is another cute one… they do a wardrobe change on stage.

All their concerts are structured like this:
Start with a bang > some energetic numbers > cute concept > slow, sweet songs > pick up the pace > dance music > total party > encore


Thanks for letting me know!


well lookjs like another site caught my fancy. will do this later


We Heart It



Our Barista for Today


I’m making Paula Deen’s Fruit Tart and my Cajun Barbecued Shrimp today! I’ll have to give out slices of the tart later…
fruit tart


I’ll take a slice of that fruit tart, please! Looks delicious.
@kdrama2020ali Thanks for sharing your 2PM Fan Meet experience. It was so great that they had an English interpreter on site to provide real time English translations for the fans. It sounds like everyone had a great time.
About Stray Kids Han. I checked out the link you gave and unfortunately it was from 2018, so looks like this is not the first time Han has had problems with his eyes. But thank you so much for all your hard work and trying to solve the mystery. I appreciate it.

@vivi_1485 Thanks for those videos showcasing the dance costumes. The fabrics must be some type of spandex/elastane. I’m still amazed that they have so much give and don’t rip. It would be nice to know for sure what the costume designers use since all the clothes are so close cut to the body.
I’ve noticed in a few videos some groups have used pants that have a lower crotch area so there is more room for squats and other moves like that- they look very similar to the “genie pants” that were worn by MC Hammer long ago. But most groups are wearing very close cut and tight fitting pants.

@sweetybirdtoo Thanks for that info and video about NCT 127. I notice their pants are a bit roomier/looser cut than the EXO ones but not by much. I definitely can see how the pants would rip. :grinning: Off topic, but is NCT 127 the group that sings “Hot Sauce”? I saw their cute collab with Pinkfong Dinosaurs- adorable!I saw the English version but I think they also made a Korean version as well.

I just watched an interesting video about singer Yang Joon Il. Gosh, what a heartwarming comeback story. I have to say he looks fabulous even 30 years later! I hope that he can continue to be successful in his 2nd chance. I also watched the English subbed Sugar Man TV show clip with him. For anyone interested, here’s the video about his story:


Oops - I didn’t figure he has done it before? :woman_shrugging:

A slice of the TART coming up! :sunny:

They must have translated into several languages! So much appreciated by us international fans.
It was a blast! I hope I can to do it again! Or maybe in person one day!

How could you ruin the career of an Artist who spoke English!


Not NCT 127, it’s NCT Dream. NCT can be a confusing group because there are 23 guys in the full group with 3 sub groups, the sub groups NCT 127, NCT Dream & WayV have fixed members, a song from NCT U can have all members or any 2+ from the full group.


Ok Tart is READY - Barista! Give out some slices! :heart:


@kdrama2020ali I did not think so either. Who knew. Han better be careful with himself.

Yes. It’s quite shocking, especially since today Korean speech is peppered with English words. Yang Joon Il really had a tough time in the beginning of his career. The positive fan chants toward the end of the video are so sweet to hear. I watched a subbed clip of his 2019 comeback fan meeting and he spoke about telephoning and meeting up with a group of fans right before he was forced to leave South Korea in 1993. The MC asked if there was anyone in the audience who had been a part of that final farewell almost 30 years ago and 2 people raised their hands! YJI was practically in tears at the sight. Amazing that those fans still remembered him and cared enough to go to his fan meet so many years later. I was quite surprised at how ahead of the times he was with his fashion and style. Definitely saw several of YJI looks copied later by G Dragon.

Thanks for the clarification on NCT @sweetybirdtoo Gosh, 23 members! And all those sub groups. That “Hot Sauce” collab with Pinkfong is too cute though. Not sure but I think the NCT Dream members are included as cartoon versions of themselves in the videos.


I hadn’t watched it before, that’s cute. The crowd has NCT lightsticks. lol

If you ever see a group like this :arrow_down: it’s NCT
Their handsome leader is Taeyeong
I love it when he counts & gathers his members (this video was before they added the 3 most recent members)