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Wow, this is an amazing, very informative video.


NCT DREAM also did a song with Pinkfong called Dino ABC :joy:

I always find this video extremely funny because their expressions range from “This is fun!” to “Well as long as I’m doing it, might as well do it well” to “SM doesn’t pay enough for the embarrassment I go through”… and Haechan is just plain hilarious. And Jaemin is having the time of his life :joy:

NCTzens really had so much fun with this song… it brings instant smiles! We are now fully equipped to have a crush, date, get engaged, get married, have kids, watch them grow up, go through their teens and grow older with a full NCT playlist as the OST of our life. Now all we have to do is get off our couches :joy:.



Could your bring me another cup of COCOA - We need More Marshmallows! :blush:


Watching TV and just saw BTS commercial.


Oh, how sweet! Obvs for their nieces and nephews. The American kids’ shows/games I am reminded of are Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? and Dora the Explorer.

This is also obvs to show any future “honey” that they will be good fathers. And obvs to show they have excellent and very marketable English skills, just like G-dragon in the 90s but without the negative pushback.

A different generation, a different audience. Thank heaven.


The only one with marketable English skills is Mark Lee because he’s half Canadian :joy: That’s why he’s in almost all of NCT’s subunits. The other dreamies are mostly terrible at English and just say whatever words they know to tease Mark. Haechan calls Mark “Oh Canada” :joy: And I’m convinced the only words Jamin knows are “sExY” and “Mouth Suction Gangster”

But I do know that a lot of the new groups are made to study English because of their expanding fanbases.

But old ones like EXO and Shinee just have one or two members who do all the talking while the others smile and nod. I honestly could sit and listen to Taemin speaking his adorable English all day.

Watch these two drama kings.




Amino Apps


Deadly Dimples

Ok I am CRUSHING on this GUYS super CUTENESS - Barista
WooYoung from ATEEZ


Is he a baby bird or a hottie? He is a cutie, either way.


He is the BABYIEST of BABY Birds - 21



Yep. My marriage is older than he is. :joy:


Darn it - he is very ATTRACTIVE - Can he be a HOTTIE BABY BIRD???


He is definitely one of those that looks older than his age.


I would have said that last photo with the darker hair he looks 27 - NOT 21!!!

Well - Today I think I need a Virgin Pina Colada and a piece of yummy coconut cake - I am missing the islands!


Completely agree.

Coconut cake


Oh man, an adorable tiny child just died in one of my dramas. I’m crying my eyes out. :sob::sob::sob:


Key “he said a lot of bad things to me”
Yeah, that’s because he’s the biggest brat. If he was the maknae he’d give Kuhyun competition for most evil maknae. (not that I ever believe what Key says when he goes off like that, lol)


I cannot give this a heart.

I’m SAD :sob:


JUNHO :yellow_heart:

Aw - He brought me beautiful Sunflowers! Is there a vase in the CAFE!? And Barista - He needs another Americano -

Thank you WooYoung! (ATEEZ)

Oh my gosh I want coconut cake and a Pina colada now!


Aw, Wookie! I love Wookie! His Hair is so SHINY did anyone notice that!

Watch 1:58 for Ji Chang “Oppa”


Taemin is adorbs.


The two drama kings are like the two guys who sat behind me in Algebra class in high school. Funny as could be, but after a while . . . shut up!