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Yes. Anyway, just one more piece of evidence of how the Korean entertainment agencies are actively targeting young girls as their marketing base for these idol groups.


The power of a teenybopper - a subculture that is so big and powerful, marketing professionals and psychologists supposedly came up with that word just for them (according to Wikipedia).


I guess that’s why I see some artists and say “He doesn’t look like a kpop idol”
I was unconsciously describing the general androgynous look, I guess :sweat_smile:

To me, the look is boring because it makes all of them look the same. That’s probably why I favor older groups… they have their own characteristic looks, not always soft and whitewashed.


2 pm was always considered the “Beastly” Idols especially because of their look and they did acrobatics when they were younger! :sunny: Of which - Junho got injured pretty badly and I’m glad they are not doing them anymore


Yeah, 2PM have different looks. I liked that.


They do have a lot of buying power which K entertainment is master at exploiting. According to the Wikipedia article, one of the purposes of the teenybopper subculture is to give the young girls (ages 10-15) a safe space to “practice the rituals of courtship away from…ridicule.” Looked at in that context, perhaps the androgynous look of the teen idols makes these young girls feel safer and more free to fantasize about relationships since they look more like them (girls) and also would feel familiar since the idols resemble their male peers of the same age since young boys have those softer features as they go through puberty. Feeling secure, they would be able to connect more with the idols and spend more money on them.

I agree that the idols do look the same. I have a difficult time telling people apart in the different groups because they all have the same looks. This is true for me with both boy and girl groups. When I was watching Kingdom: Legendary War I often got the groups confused because people looked the same (and often they dressed the same styles as well) The only group who stood out to me was BTOB because there were only 4 members, each member had distinctive features relative to the other members of the group, and they were older than the other participants so that made them stand out as well.
I agree with you that it’s better if everyone has distinctive features, but I notice that usually there is only 1 or maybe 2 members in most of these groups who have strong facial features that I can remember and recognize. The rest are a blur.


A fascinating look at the psychology behind it all.

I have to agree with you. Although, I am new to the scene, so I thought maybe I just needed more time to be able to learn all the faces. But you’re right, it’s tough. I especially have noticed this with girl groups. I swear I have looked at photos of some and they all have the same face. There was one on Soompi’s homepage today where this was the case.

I have said before that my first exposure to any kpop groups was through the variety show Ask Us Anything/Knowing Brothers, and while EXO was not the first group I encountered, it was the first that resonated with me. I loved all their personalities, and looking at it now, they are all really unique people - both in personality and in looks - so it must have made them stand out to me as opposed to some other groups that I met.


Song Seung Heon


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“How to Kiss” - a popular book in the cafe’s reading corner, and required reading at the hottie factory. :joy:



He passes!!! And they are DANCING! :kissing: And white shirt and watch


Impressive multitasking skills!


When my kids were approaching their teen years I told them it’s not unusual to feel uncomfortable in your own skin, I’m sure most kids do from time to time, adolescence is a time of change, uncertainty, discovery…


He was the HOT ML in Black. Thank you for posting!



You are not alone. I have read several articles about how people are criticizing the girl groups for all looking alike, including the K netizens. Like you I thought at first maybe it was just me because I am not Korean but after I saw those articles where the Koreans were complaining, then I understood it was the Entertainment companies themselves who are doing this. I’m not sure why the companies do this- not a good idea in my opinion.
For real, some of the girl groups remind me of the Robert Palmer Addicted To Love Video:


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I thought of this one!


Both of them are good examples. Haha


Oh, Yeah!:rofl:
Simply Irresistible-Obviously the inspiration behind countless girl groups!:laughing:

I remember when Addicted To Love video came out and everyone was talking about it and how the girls all looked the same. I think it won an MTV VMA award that year.

I guess Robert just decided “Why let a successful idea go to waste?” because …who could forget this classic:


You’re right… I immediately recognized Yook Sungjae from his dramas and the others have pretty characteristic looks. I think even DAY6 have different-looking members. Or is it because they all play their own instruments and that’s how I distinguish them? I love k-bands. My favorites are N.Flying, DAY6 and ONEWE. I love dancing groups but there’s something so cool about playing your instruments, too.

I love N.Flying’s concepts. They just don’t get as much fame because they’re bands :frowning:

such pieces of art!

And it’s not like they aren’t handsome


Very astute observations. They clarify some of the difficulties I have. Kingdom: Legendary War was alternately impressive and boring to me . . .