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Umm… You asked me about the yard some time ago. But when I first arrived here, it was in a poor state and needed a lot of reparations.
But now I think I can show it off. I hope you like it:


Thanks for asking. Sorry, I got busy today at work. :frowning:
Count on me for today (Friday) though. My boss is out today. SHHHHHHH!!! :wink:


Primo, is that your artwork?

Great garden! Your lot is obviously long and thin. It looks like you are a squatter in the palace of some minor Transylvanian noble. To paraphrase an old poem I learned years ago . . .

Como un jardinero, es posible que esté cerca de el primero.

I blame any bad grammar on my favorite language tutor, Sr. Google. I am personally proficient only in verbs in the present tense and in food words. :smile:


May I humbly suggest that one of the items on today’s menu at the cafe be Cream Puffs? The FL in the series I am currently watching is really adept at making them so I am obviously craving one. :wink: If these have been on the menu previously, let’s try them again!!!






Welcome Our ATEEZ Member - Barista - Extraordinaire
Park Seong Hwa

(He loves the same donut I do)
Donuts for Everyone Seonghwa (성화)


I didn’t even see this and Seonghwa has you covered! He’s a little Messy Though! :yum:


Hey, donut - éclair - cream puff. It’s all good!


Anything filled with crème is my favorite! I make some good cream puffs I have not made them in a while though.


Looks like he just got done lighting the oven in preparation for baking. LOL!

(amino apps)


We are ALL watching!!! :fire:


His Sweater today does say “Beautiful Derelict:fire:


He appears to be quite excited to be the barista today. I love the energy! Service should be speedy and :fire:!!




Pretty sure we are going to wear him out or he is going to wear US out! :fire:

(He’s just PRETTY)


This is probably @kdrama2020ali worse nightmare! :rofl:


I do like my BEASTLY boys though - I don’t watch very many Chinese Dramas/pop but that is very interesting! It is a real shame for the pop/movie industry and for the artists themselves not being able to be who they are - that makes me mad.


Somehow can’t get the corners of my lips to go any direction but down.


That’s upsetting to us westerners who are striving so hard to allow everyone to be themselves. I wonder who gets to decide and how, given how subjective the idea of ‘effeminate’ can be. Whose definition and description are they going by? Obviously going down this particular rabbit hole could lead to the kind of discussion that Viki frowns upon, so all I can really say is it’s unfortunate.


So this is REALLY bothering me! We are watching Pet in Dali Temple - He is pretty masculine but will these guys be deemed “feminine” because of the characters - historical characters - fantasy characters that they are playing! Some of the best cinematography comes out of Chinese Dramas and also Fantasy Dramas like Legend of Fuyao. or Ashes of LOVE! This is just not Good for that Industry or for us the VIEWERS! :angry:

I went off to the store and could not stop thinking about it - I hate when artists are made to CHANGE to conform to something or someone’s way of thinking…

New Guidelines and Criticism


You just about summed up every historical drama ever. If there’s an Emperor, then project all powerful, strong, commanding image. Prince, handsome (but not powerful) Princesses, the most drop dead gorgeous thing ever. It’s pretty much ingrained in the citizens for the past half a century so they should be safe.
It’s the baby bird idol industry that will take brunt of this, performers selected for their marketability in one sector suddenly finding they are no longer to be coveted practically overnight.




I petition!