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My Favorite PHS was High Society - I can’t seem to fall in love with anyone else except
Yoo Chang-soo (not even Min Min - I love Chang Soo)


Beautiful Song for the Juke Box


Yoo Chang Soo was definitely one of PHS best characters and performances. And his hair was A+. I noticed he kept a variation on this hairstyle for his role in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. ( I don’t blame him- it’s super flattering look on him) So PHS have hair sweeping to the right side while Hongjoon have hair sweeping to the left side. But both looks so good with this hairstyle! TBH, I do not think I’ve seen anyone look bad with this hairstyle-it’s pretty universal I feel.


I’d never really thought about that, but I think you’re right.


wouldn’t want to drink that in my life, So creative
This goes in the fridge :smile:


You have to have GOOD Thick hair that falls nicely for this!!! And they do!


OK so I am seriously very upset with the ending to Dali Temple! I wanna SCREAM! I need something sweet and very fattening. That lessens my rating for the show that I loved.

Barista Jong Ho - What you got???


I love plums, and that tart looks amazing!

And how on earth did they make that kitty foam? So cute.


Couldn’t help but laugh at this meme I just saw on MDL



I love me :fallen_leaf: some pumpkin spice cake Krispy Kreme donuts!
Barista - donuts for EVERYONE


Those look delicious!


Ok you will think I am so strange - But I eat these with cheese! SO GOOD! I do the same thing with blueberry cake! Totally weird! Warm them up just a little! YUMMO


Okay, you finally got me. :laughing: That’s a bit weird, but it might depend on what kind of cheese.


a lot of people eat cheddar with apple pie in the South. I like cheddar or gouda. I had gouda slice with the pumpkin spice :maple_leaf:


I could maybe fathom gouda with it. I know cheddar is popular in that way, but it’s not for me. I don’t like apple pie anyway. Or I guess it’s more accurate to say I like apple pie without the apples. LOL


I grew up not eating pie - now I eat most any pie! With lots of whip topping. I don’t like big pieces of fruit in it though - more like pie filling is more my style. I had peach cobbler a little while ago. I do like fruit crisps also.


In general, I prefer that my fruits are not cooked. However, I do love fruit crisps but not fruit pies. No explanation as to why. And I love blueberry muffins but don’t like blueberries. LOL I have several weird food peculiarities. Another example: I HATE onions, but I can eat onion rings, HOWEVER if I take a bite and the onion pulls free from the breading, I can no longer eat it. This is my weirdness.


oh gosh we are still TWINS! Me too! I can’t even eat onion rings I can eat the crisp part it is a texture thing.


So I love these guys so much! You can just sit and watch them if you don’t wanna move around! Wish they could come give us a YOGA lesson on the patio!!!


People always think they can sneak onions by me in their dishes, but I will always find them.