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You can find them “ALLBLANC” also posted here:


Yep I posted in that thread early on - I just think they are so fun! Wanted to let Segue see them!


LOL. Though in my experience, the roles are switched :joy:


Fair point. :joy:


Ever go into a café and almost turn back the moment you step in? :rofl:

My impression of this place:
So many gifs :no_mouth:
Food looks yummy (saw some familiar things) :smile:
And sooo much going on :laughing:

@vivi_1485 said to say hi, so “hi” :wave:


I want one!!! with coffee of course


ever have the french fried onions? they are good, do you eat the cut up kind in a jar, the spice ones?


pie ala mode for me, gotta be vanilla. mmmmmmmmmmmm delish







Our Barista Kim Min Jae will be getting your coffee this morning!


Baby Bird U

Dali and the Cocky Prince (2021)

This is available on VIKI in some regions!


I just commented on that drama in the baby bird thread before I saw you had posted it here. I think it looks really good.

Hello there, and thanks for stopping by! We can be very random and chatty in here, so I hope we haven’t scared you away for good. Anytime you have something on your mind that maybe doesn’t fit with other topic threads, you are free to come and discuss it here. Otherwise, see you around the board!


Hello! Welcome! You can ask us anything or just ask our handsome baristas for some dessert or coffee - We are a Segue to being able to talk about whatever you want…

Today’s Barista: Kim Min Jae



It’s getting kind of warm and muggy here today so I feel like an iced tea and a slice of key lime pie. I know the barista will serve with a smile. Just looking at him makes ME smile. :grin::grin::grin:
Just a slice though, not the whole pie, hehehe.



Barista misheard you and made you a key lime iced tea by mistake. Would you like to try it?

Mint key lime iced tea


Yes, please…


I don’t drink tea but I love lime so maybe an herbal tea key lime concoction for me! And Barista can I have a Strawberry Shortcake - It is the end of summer and I need one???


Here you go. Enjoy!


That looks like a FANTASY drama ending

No HEARTS!!! But I love that looks yummy! Thank you Cutie Barista! It is almost time for him to get off work! :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Hmmm… I don’t drink coffee, but I would like a brown sugar boba with cheese, less sweetened. Ooh, that would pair well with a Japanese soufflé cheesecake. You have those?


Wow I never heard of that??


I want this now!!! BARISTA BARISTA


Thanks :blush:

You should try it if you have the chance (were you referring to the boba or the souffle cheesecake?).

Not all brown sugar boba is good though. I recently tried a few new places and even though one was a highly rated boba café, I really disliked their brown sugar boba (the molasses was too strong and bitter). After searching some more, I found a place that had a good balance :smile:.

The souffle cheesecake I’ve had both in cafés and made it myself.