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I want to have both - I love anything FLUFFY like that cheesecake! :cake:


ok here we go, gotta have coffee with this


That’s almost too pretty to eat. Wouldn’t you hate to cut into that? :heart_eyes:


well of course!!


I watch and listen to it the first time through, then, if I like it, I’ll watch each member’s performance. I like kpop in general but I don’t have a fave.

This one by Stray Kids’ Bang Chan and Hyunjin dropped today. I really like the sound of this one.

Then Ateez dropped Deja Vu today. :sunglasses:


Uji Taiyaki!

Green tea ice cream in a fish cone.


LOVED IT!! If I wasn’t currently still swimming hard towards the bottom of the Seventeen pool, I would have raved about it more! I love Ateez music! Eternal Sunshine was also a wonderful song.


That’s such a wonderful visual. Does it look something like this?


That’s the exact visual representation :joy: Whenever I enter a new fandom, there’s always a stage of going completely crazy over the group. I can’t look left or right, I’m speeding towards the bottom. It only happens with a few groups. I like ATEEZ, BtoB, BTS and SHINee’s music too, but only three groups have hit me off balance so hard that I slip off the shallow end of their oceans. I’m already chained to the very bottom of the EXO trench, and I’ve also reached the bottom of the Dreamies’ pool. And now it’s Seventeen’s turn. :joy::sweat_smile:


I really love your descriptions of things sometimes. Such great use of imagery.

It’s the life of a fangirl, right? Diving head first into the abyss of ~fill in the blank of actor/singer/group/drama/film/whatever you find to fangirl over~.


If it’s 2 pm - I tend to watch Junho first then I rewatch and watch all the other guys moves but still focus on Junho - if that makes any sense. I love all the guys in 2pm, but I love my main guy fan cams the best all the guys are awesome though and you know if it is ATEEZ who I’m looking at - but I am starting to like new guys in that group. :wink:


Junho likes the Baskin Robbins ice cream Chocolate Forest! Macha Tea and Chocolate
Flavors in Korea


y be way out, but thought I would share this anyway, lets go for a walk!!


YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I’m so glad to wake up to this thank you @frustratedwriter :fallen_leaf:








Welcome Shinee Choi Minho to the Cafe - Our Magnificent Barista Today

He might not keep his shirt on!!!
But he looks so GOOD in the WHITE shirt making whatever he’s making - I could watch him cut that tomato all day long :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hottie Posse

"L 💜 VER'S of The Red Sky" Come And Watch/Discuss

Is this where you live? The place is so cuuuuute!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Uplifting song for Segue Today! I love the Rap and Mandisa!


I know that it is a Religious song - but I think you can listen to it as just Universal!


nope, a picture of an old English place, pretty isn’t it?



I guess D.O. and I have to break up after the last Eps of :100: Days My Prince.

I can do it! I can watch the last Eps! I hate when things end!