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That looks like such an idyllic place to take a walk with the added bonus of the beautiful fall colors. I’m in!

Welcome to the cafe, Minho. We’ll clear some space so you can do a little dancing for us, and if your shirt comes off, we’ll just pretend it was an accident.

Break ups are so hard! :sob: But once you’re done, you can just start re-watching. You don’t have to let DO go.



Can I KEEP Him!??







I just CAN’t BREAK Up


Amino Apps

I can’t do it! I CAN’T LEAVE DO - I keep re-watching scenes so I don’t have to watch the END!

D.O.zie LoveFEST 2021



OK @stardust2466_546
I’m WAITING You have to make a choice
Sorry I guess I chatted too much in Top 10 Hottie it won’t let me post.


That’s a thing? I wonder what the limit is?


I think it is 3 consecutive posts


I have issues!


Done and done!


Interesting. Did it say when you could post there again?


Looks like ‘cupid’ is trying to get you. :grin:





Ok I don’t mean to press my point - BUT YOU DID NOT VOTE ON A KISS!!! I checked!!! :smile:
:lips: :kissing_closed_eyes:


Yeah, I did. I voted for DOOM because I felt someone had to represent. Is the pole closed and it didn’t take?


I voted for DOOM - Mas 4 voted for Doom - I don’t see you??


Check again. I’m entering transfer work for students and must have missed a step. My bad in both departments. I am naughty at work sometimes. :blush: (I am not the Registrar but I know enough to get myself in trouble).



My Bad - here is a giant cannoli filled with cannoli’s

Choi asked me to make sure you weren’t sad


Not sad at all. Thanks for the treat! I’ll have to lick my fingers off so I don’t get a sticky keyboard. Hahaha!!! They look delish!!


DOOM - I totally am about DOOM - in the RAIN too!!!

Are you actually a Registrar or are you being funny!? I actually was a registrar -


Bless your heart. Nope, I am not the Registrar. You couldn’t give me that job! I’ve been in this office about 13 years so I kinda know a little about each position. Right now I’m the transcript evaluator for our satellite site students. They send in all their transcripts from every institution they’ve ever attended and I equate the classes they’ve taken to what our institution offers. I really like this job! Of course I have to do other things as well such as loan deferments, etc., etc. I never know for sure what the day is going to throw at me. I will be going part-time in February and only working Tues - Thurs so I’ll have more time for my Viki posse. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: