Series to rewatch! ¡Series para ver otra vez!

Right now i’m rewaching personal taste, and i love it! is like watching for the first time! What series do you like to watch it again?
En estos momentos estoy viendo otra vez Personal Taste, y ¡La amo! ¡Es como si la viera por primera vez otra vez! ¿Qué series les gustaría ver otra vez?

Masters Sun, Moon Embraces the Sun, Personal Taste, Faith.

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I watched Coffee Prince again a few months ago, after 3 years. I loved it!!

Me encantaría ver de nuevo casi todas las que he visto, solo que siempre pienso que ya me sé todo lo interesante o bien que no sé si sea capaz de soportar, en las dramáticas, todo el dolor nuevamente. XD

De seguro me repetiré en algún momento, si es que las encuentro subtituladas en español (porque siempre borran series) :

-A Gentleman’s Dignity
-Queen In Hyun’s Man
-History of the salaryMan
-In Time with You. My feels!!!
-My Boos My Hero
-Rich Man, Poor Woman
-Zettai Kareshi.

¿Hace cuánto se había visto PP? ¿No lo recuerda todo? Yo me la vi en 2011 y aún me acuerdo de cosas graciosas, también debido a los MVs que a veces veo para recordar los OST.


“Wish Upon a Star” and " all about eve" are old k-dramas but are really good , I have seen these dramas 5 times

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hola ! lol XD you can also rewatch secret garden if you don’t see this one watch it !


@CNBlandine yes! i saw it two times lol! and those two times were awesome!!

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@neljoha Concuerdo contigo, el suspenso mejora el drama. Pero hay ciertos momentos en las series que hacen querer verlas otra vez!, como en Coffee Prince el beso que se dan al final!, o en Kim Sam Soon (si la has visto) en donde el protagonista es quien persigue a la actriz principal, jejejej… podría pasar me un día entero hablando de ello! Ah y me vi Personal Taste hace más o menos 4 años :smiley:.

Lol definitely faith ^^

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I love it! yes!:smiley:

I watched it maybe about 8 times already i don’t know… could be more. I stopped counting ^^

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whatt!! lol 8 times!! woahhhh

Yeah i can’t believe that i actually did that… but well. If i think about it i rewatched the first time 1 day right after i finished the drama. Yep i love this drama and it’s the only drama i watched that often. There aren’t many dramas i rewatched anyway but this one. Forever haha

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i just finished rewatching coffee prince and i hear your voice not too long ago, and im currently rewatching flower boy ramyn shop! the feels xDDD it was soo funny xD

i eventually want to rewatch all the old good ones i watched, like youre beautiful and such, playful kiss and heartstrings ^ ^ all of those like that.

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Dramas i’d love to rewatch:

The greatest love (for the 3rd time)
First shop of coffee prince (for the 4rth time)
Secret Garden (for the millionth time)
My love from the stars (for the 2nd time)
49 days (for the 2nd time)
I hear your voice (for the 2nd time)

I’m sure i’m forgetting some of them.

Oh and some dramas i’d like to rewatch because i don’t even remember what happened or the exact plot although i have watched them:

My girlfriend is a Gumiho
Korean Cityhall
The moon that embraces the sun

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Just remembered

Moon embracing the sun 3 times
Heartstrings 2 times
My princess 2 times

I don’t know why I rewatched heartstrings tho

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If you guys think 2, 3 or even 8 times is a lot… I guess you would be shocked to hear how many times I watched Boys Over Flowers :stuck_out_tongue:
@dramaaaaa @marielitabella

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When did you watch BOF the first time ? :smiley:

What I rally want to rewatch is Jumong, Legend of the first king four gods and The Moon embracing the sun.

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I am re watching Jumong right now :smiley: but on tv and i love it !!!

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I’m back on’Secret Garden’ but that’s because I was so engrossed in other dramas at that time. When I love a drama I watch each episode twice so don’t have to re-watch entire drama. I’m fully engrossed in ‘GLORIOUS DAY’ and I think it’s the best since ‘My Love from the Stars’.I watch each one twice. I loved all the other really strong serious ones we’ve had this last 6 months but it was time for a lighter one as ‘Witch’s Romance’ has finished.

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