Share your crochet!


Yes, very beautiful :smile:


I love the natural colors, how big is the whole piece? It’s really a piece of art! I’ve never seen such pattern, crochet over crochet.


For now it’s about 130 cm diametre, but the whole thing will be much larger. There is part 4 and part 5, as a circle, and then four corners to make it square again. So I assume it’s going to end up as a blanket for a double bed.
And yes, surface crochet / 3D crochet is great fun but also challenging. You get to use every possible stitch as a foundation of something else.


I want to learn new stitches! something written down, not really a tutor type thing. and just found one on pinterest, so I will check it out later


And this is Chrysalis part 4.
Finished thanks to a very boring drama (Navillera) and a very good one (Churails)



I can’t see the picture, did you upload it?


I did but it disappeared. Uploaded it again. When are you going to post yours? And the other things you made: the top, the hat, the mosaic coaster…


I have to complete my homework for today!


Yes but the previous ones?


I have finally learned the “shell” stitch, so easy, yeah I do overthink things. a step by step picture,


Wow! I’ve considered doing a project like this but I hate weaving in ends, there are just so many colour changes in that. It’s beautiful.

I don’t think I took pictures of my latest crochet project, I usually do, I’ll have to remember to do that (it’s an amigurumi puppy if you’re curious.) I have a couple of hats I did for Christmas, they’re knitted though.

Oh and some fingerless gloves I made for my youngest, I’ve done a few fingerless gloves, for friends, I guess it was a strange kick I was on. (a cat, celtic knot, & BTS)

I’m cheating though, this isn’t my crochet projects. :slight_smile:


It’s okay! Piranna created it for crochet because that’s what she’s learning right now. It would be overkill to have two separate ones!
Yes, I also love fingerless gloves. Because of the financial crisis, nowadays homes only put on the heating two hours in the morning and three hours in the afternoon. In-between it gets chilly in the winter, and I use them to type on the computer!
And the two love-making elks were great fun!

As for weaving in ends… I do cheat and incorporate the starting end into the first couple of stitches, so that cuts the number in half. And I choose a mediocre drama to have a look at every now and then. You know, the ones where even if you don’t see everything you don’t miss anything. Or I listen to lectures from Youtube, or music.


Taking pics and posting them regularly or after completion feel like a chore for me…
I’d rather look at your pics or others’ works :joy:

I will put water on our current work today :slight_smile:


That’s awesome! I particularly love the hat’s square pattern.

Oh yeah, weaving, ugh! :scream:


Then why on earth did you make this topic? LOL!
You don’t need to do it regularly. Now you’ve got a number of items, so just lay them on a flat surface and take a picture of each of them. It will take you five minutes total. Uploading them, another… five? Only if you transfer from phone to pc, otherwise it will take 2 minutes.


“Share your crochet” is about sharing whenever ppl feel like it, not a chore, and “your” is about ppl who do crochet.
It could also be a source of inspiration for next projects.

Our first work accomplished together since we started :smiley:


my first try at mini prayer cloth, I think I need to change the color


How do you use this in prayer?


you have people(pastor or priest or other people) pray on it, place it under a sick persons pillow, or place it in a pocket, or just hold on to it, and pray for persons, or anything to God its a faith prayer, item. sounds like it won’t work, but with “faith” anything can happen. prayer changes things,


Ah, I see! I had never heard of this practice. One learns a new thing every day.