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I finally took a picture of my latest creation, It’s a Papillion and she’s supposed to look a little like Ruby, Taeyong’s dog (NCT,) who sadly passed away Sept of last year. (I never managed to make the tail fluffy, so I just ignore that part, she’s about 4-1/2" (11cm) tall


You designed this yourself? WOW!


I’ve been crocheting for close to 40yrs, sometimes I find patterns boring, so trying to create my own designs is more interesting, granted it takes me so, soooo much longer than if I’d found and followed an already existing pattern. This boredom also take the shape of not wanting to make very many of the same thing. :slight_smile:


that sounds like a winner to me sweetybirdtoo, and btw love the name!

I don’t recall asking everyone if they have groups that crochet plastic mats for the homeless in your area.
just curious heres the explaniation; get your store bags, cut into 2" s, then put them together, then crochet to the size of a person, like 6’x 3’


p/s you can find on youtube, look for plarn or mats for the homeless, they will shopw step by step on how to do it. forgot to put this with my message


I am learning more stitches! from youtube for one, and found a link that shows the how to…


I bought a laminated foldable card with all the stiches… I keep forgetting them when I don’t crochet for a while… my first crochet project was ribbon on my hat (under a chin) with a button when I was about 7 or 8.
In Switzerland back then all girls had handiwork lessons (knitting, crochet, stitching and sewing and material lessons) while the boys had classes with tools, wood and metal and later technical drawing. I liked technical drawing so I took the class and I was the only 1 girl in class so I missed class of handiwork and had to catch up on it at home… we had to crochet a winter scarf and I hated it; my senior teacher was convinced that girls do handiwork and not technical drawing but in the end I got best grades in both classes :wink:

Technical drawing was on a large wooden board pinned white paper and we worked with old fashioned tools and pencils and markers. I still kept some drawings cos they are interesting, you had to be very exact, today you have computers and software…

I also have a binder from school with samples of stiches for sewing and knitting, we had to learn to repair socks :rofl: the right way and we knitted “hiking socks” with a braid pattern on both sides. I never wore these socks that were too large :sweat_smile: and the wool was scratching… not every wool feels soft, lmao those were the times, our teacher always reminded us when we chatted “lifere statt lafere” deliver instead of babble" meaning working without talking :rofl: it felt like a boot camp!


Anyone here crochet potholder with cotton yarn, I’ll try to find a picture I did in 2019 for daughter and friend.


This is a pair I made for a friend who had recently moved into a new home. Triple thickness.


@irmar Yours are so cute :heart_eyes:, I made ones using a multicolored yarn with a triple stich… have pics on old phone…


simi, I had a book with all the stitches and for the life of me I don’t know where its at, unless I loaned it to someone/

Imar, just found a pattern for those, I want to try and make them

also I want to make the circle in a square ones as well


This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen oh my gosh :heart_eyes:


I’m very new here, but here’s some gifts I made in the holidays for my friends. These are my first and second projects ever, so they didn’t turn out too bad. But I’d rly rly love to learn how to alter patterns (straight up making my own sounds too intimidating… too scary… numbers?)


I am finally going to break down and learn more stitches, 1. seed stitch, what I seen was soooo easy! 2. shell stitch another easy one. again I over think stuff!


Well, start from small details. Make something shorter, longer, more rounded, add a border from another pattern etc.
(Κούκλα η νυχτερίδα!)


Will have to try it out and see! Definitely going to have to be a project I have no huge expectations for, that’s for sure :smile:

(Thank you!! It tortured me a lot but it was worth it!!:smiley:)


Wow, these are so beautiful works. I only do simple stuffs like these


Socks aren’t really the simplest thing to make, and the smaller the more difficult.


I found something neat, thought I would share.
most of the patterns are on youtube
put a smile on someone’s face,
and haven’t checked pinterest for more of these patterns

those little sandles & shoes would be just right too, dabyt7871 where can I get the pattern?
Random Acts of Crochet Kindness

this is the one I want to do, going to try the little worm too

Let’s build a community of kind acts, and make the world a bit lighter and brighter!

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These pendants/ornaments somehow remind me the ones that nobles carry in historical dramas around their waste, mostly Jade pendants. The crochet items are so cute and would look great on your bag, backpack perhaps even in your hair. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Back then when I was a GMO bill proponent, a lady from Latvia knitted for our group little red chili peppers with a tag “Label GMO”. they were so cute. :hot_pepper: