Shocking or latest K-news

i couldnt find a topic where this article rightly fit, and lately im finding so many news that is interesting or shocking, so this is the place:

omg i hope this is not true, really…

latest shocking rumor news about kim hyun joong

what are your thoughts?

edit: no nooo say it aint so pleassee…


I just hope the truth comes out

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Oh dear that sounds serious. He may be stopped from leaving the country for his tour until this is investigated. So sad that these guys react with their fists.

how can stopping him from leaving the country is reacting with their fists? shouldn’t he be questioned?

the sooner they get to the bottom of this, the sooner he will be exonerated if he is not guilty

So sorry if I wasn’t clear with my comment. I meant if the police are questioning him and feel the evidence is strong enough, he will be detained. I think that’s how it works. I read the newspaper report and it infers that the girl had broken bones so that’s why I made the ‘fists’ remark. 6 weeks recovery usually means serious injury. I hope also that this is cleared up as would be very sad and serious if the charge was untrue.

i don’t speak korean, thanks for the extra info

it is so sad, i hope its not true, because itll be hard thinking he is that kind of person and even harder watching his roles like the charming jihoo in bof. sad to know that … and dissapointing.
sometimes you forget that the k-world isnt all fluff. :confused:

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The truth will out as an official complaint has been made and the police have to investigate everyone now even the complainant.

what actually bothers me is that everyone has already decided if he is guilty or innocent

everyone has an opinion on how painful a rib fracture is, on how an abused woman behaves, on why his agency didn’t make an announcement five minutes after, everyone is an expert

and the few english articles published on the internet remind me of the spam email that claims that if you put magnets on the refrigator door you’ll get cancer

everyone of course is entitled to their own opinion, but it never seizes to amaze me how easily people condemn or exonerate someone


Spot on, you are correct of course. People should wait until the investigation is done. I don’t like it either when accusations are assumed to be true. I did not at any time say I believed either the girl who made the complaint or the man she accused. I did however say it would be so sad if it is true and also so sad if this girl has made up a story to get attention and mar a man’s reputation. That is why I wrote that both parties would be investigated.


I think for me all the scandals of this year should be forgotten because of this sad news… #ladiescodestaystrong #eunbRIP My heart breaks to read that such a bright and talented person has gone.


I did agree with you, I was just expanding.
But I admit I should have been more clear. Now that I read once more what I wrote, it seems like I was aiming at you. Sorry

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I agree with you! I don’t know Lady’s code or EunB or any other member.
But it’s always sad when someone dies, especially this young…
I feel so sorry for her family and friends, her fans too…

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@Niennavalar i SO was gonna post that too omgosh how sad it is when someone dies so tragically like this, i was a fan. to hear this news is so depressing and terrible. btw im sorry to say that Rise has also recently died. i read the news when it just came out and admit i was teary eyed. these are three more different articles on rise and eun bi.:

a piece of the funeral for eun bi was on youtube also and the driver has passed away. dont watch this maybe if you get depressed easily Warning:

im glad though, from what i read in the bible personally, it mentions a hope for allot of loved ones who we’ve lost in death, that they arent going to be gone forever and that God will bring them back to life again here on earth, and we will be able to see them again. i dont know everyone’s opinions or beliefes in things, and im not trying to start a debate but i just want to mention positive hope to people that makes me feel better about this kind of news, in hopes that it would make others feel better. because whenever i see these kinds of things happen, i try to share as much comfort as possible. its sad to think about or see or hear that someone has died, (especially so tragically like that), but when you hear God’s promise from the bible, it gives hope, and instead of thinking that you will never see them again, isnt it better to know that you will?
so whoever is interested, this is mentioned in the bible at john 5:28 + 29, where it says “Do not be amazed at this, for the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out, those who did good things to a resurrection of life, and those who practiced vile things to a resurrection of judgment.”

and whoever wants more information can go here.

btw everyone, i heard news that kim hyung joong admitted to hitting her “once”.


more news!

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i cannot wait! Hyun bin!!!

this looks like its gonna be awesome i missed him so much.

omg T.T 2014 is the worst kpop year seriously


Ha ha ha only the two of them know the truth


I haven’t spoken on the KHJ subject at all. I will say I was just becoming a fan when that news dropped. I will say the baby and the possible impending wedding thing is very interesting, to say the least.I saw that story on a news outlet last night. I don’t know if his PR people are irresponsible(not good at their jobs) or geniuses at this point. I really don’t have much to say because these stories are not going anywhere anytime soon. I think he and his business will stay in the media for some time no matter what the subject or story is. Also, how is KeyEast going to handle this? Like are they going to drop him? Does that happen? I am not implying one way or the other just more curious as this is the first time I have encountered this story since my new foray into kpop an kdrama.

As for as ‘scandals’ go, I have so much issue with the term scandals and the k industry. Where I live half of the stories that pop up(not the passing of musicians or the KHJ story) would not even be a blip on the radar. I mean when someone is dating, people care for a second and then move on yet, in this industry it can be a career ender depending on the fans. Recently, I shook my head when I found out PSH had to go on ‘secret’ dates and another actor had ‘car’ dates as not to be detected. Personally, I could not do it. I would date who I wanted and just deal with the media and fanstorm. I realize that is not how it works though. Sorry, this is song long. Why did I not see this thread before, I am a bit surprised there isn’t more news in here because I am constantly seeing ‘crazy’ stuff from the ‘news’ sources.

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