Single Ladies Senior lyrics

Hi everyone:)
I thought of posting it here, since there are many more knowledgeable people than me on the Discussion^^
I’m searching everywhere for the lyrics of the Single Ladies Senior Taiwanese drama; because we don’t have them, the drama is sitting with 2 incomplete and unreleased episodes. If any of you has an idea where to get them (they weren’t on kkbox or baidu a day ago…), please, please, please share the info with me… (feeling helpless…)

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I only found this song for now:
I hope that can help.



Hey Denisse,

The beautiful Opening OST and Ending OST can be found at the broadcaster’s (EBC) FB. The lyrics below are also from its FB:

Opening OST - 高塔公主 - 片頭曲 - 稻草

胡鬧 現實太胡鬧 別急著退後 潛逃

丟掉 壞情緒丟掉 努力都會被 看到
幸福有一天會到 我都知道

好在有一根稻草 在夢想搖搖欲墜的時候突然知道
心中還有座美麗的城堡 再大的風雨 模糊不掉 鎖定了目標

好在有一根稻草 在崩塌之前讓我回望自己的心跳
最後這一根稻草 警惕我再不許為懦弱 倍受煎熬

最後這一根稻草 讓夢想搖搖欲墜的時候突然知道
心中還有座美麗的城堡 再大的風雨 模糊不掉 鎖定了目標

Ending OST - 高塔公主 - 尾曲 - 吉隆坡愛情故事

踏上了 Mono Rail 的車站
我盡量 不讓自己走太慢
再一次決心拋下 心底殘留的期盼
思念卻改不掉 奔向你的習慣

空氣裡 眼眶裡 都熱得潮濕
吉隆坡和你已是 住在心裡 的名字

There are also YT vids of them:

Here’s the broadcaster’s official website for latest updates, if needed.

Have fun! :slight_smile:


Btw, you can find the list of songs for this drama from its wikipedia page.高塔公主

To-date (more may be added/updated):



@jadecloud88 @deval_chloe girls, you’re awesome^^
I had found the Youtube videos, but without lyrics, and it seemed to be only part of the song, though I’m not 100% sure…
I searched based on the Wikipedia page, but as the only Mandarin I speak resumes to “nihao, xie xie, uo chi dao”:)), I couldn’t figure out too much, even with Google Translator. So you two coming to my rescue THAT FAST is awesome^^
Thanks to both of you, and I owe you;)


That’s normal, if you need anything else, don’t hesitate. :slight_smile:


My pleasure. :smile:
I’m also glad that you didn’t pull your hair out before posting here for help. :wink: