Snack fever ? Really ? Give it to seggers and subbers!

Snacks of Viki look delicious, give it to volunteers !
I think it will be a good idea to reward and to encourage volunteers (international, and not only US volunteers^^) who need this kind of gifts since they work during hours for the hapiness of all… :grin:
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Agreed. I would pick the snacks over the gifts we received before, but I would be thankful for anything as always. But the thing is, I’ve already eaten like 99% of what’s in those boxes because I’m Asian and grew up with most of these snacks + foods! :joy:


omg that would be an awesome perk! <3

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I want it too :heart_eyes: However I shouldn’t ask for anything since I just started to volunteer :no_mouth:

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I did make the suggestion to make it a QC gift yesterday but the staffer didn’t respond yet… would be awesome if we get some though because finding Korean snacks (or typical food in general) is quite hard where I live.


Are there Asian stores in the Netherlands?

@icedthy yes there are Asian supermarkets but most of them only sell noodles, all kinds of spices, canned food, dried food, all kinds of sauce, paste etc. In short to make the most common/basic dishes (Wanted to make Korean Army stew last week but couldn’t find tteok anymore :frowning: The ones in Amsterdam have some larger snack and drinks section but in my city they only sell some pepero, banana crisps, Mochi, some cookies and sasame seed crackers and that kind of more basic stuff.


That’s not a terrible idea, but what about people with dietary restrictions?

I had a similar thought when I saw it on main page, then I read vikipass so I skipped.
But not to spoil the appetit, if it contains tons of sugar or even the cheap corn syrup version
and soy oil, that would be a no-no for me. I can’t tell you how many pounds or kilos of dark chocolate I swallowed during subbing and watching; chocolate and a yogurt or non-gmo vanilla ice cream it is.
And about the Asian food, they have some available in my region, but the mostly I would like to get hands on is Soju, because I could take a shot and feel like in Korea, in those street vendors/ bars, lol, kampai! - Did I say I make my own kimchi :blush:


@simi11 I have Soju in the fridge for I don’t know how long already… I hardly drink and the maximum I tried is 2 very tiny glasses. I don’t understand how people can finish one bottle of it on their own without being totally wasted and even being proud of being able to drink 1 or more bottles.

wow, I bought once sake a small bottle and it is also still in fridge, I had few sips and yuck… what is the alcohol % of that soju? if it’s 40% then I cannot also understand how would they empty several bottles, they will have soon a hole in their stomach wall… :astonished:

@dudie Let me tell you that Asian men (maybe women?) can REALLY drink. :no_mouth:

Depends on the person, too, of course.

you need to buy the flavored ones!!! I loved the chamiseul grapefruit ones.
The flavored makkgeoli is nice too.

Lucky you ! Maybe Viki should consider to make boxes for Asian people with European snacks for example. (French appetizers, mini dry sausages and macaroons, Swiss chocolate for the deluxe box…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).
You’re entitled to dream…:grin:


Same here ! I tried soju, it’s good but I prefer makgeolli. I don’t know how people can drink several bottles of soju… It’s like drinking several bottles of vodka…:joy:

@leejunggi YES! I would seriously love that! I seriously need to try more authentic European foods because the only types of food I’ve had is French (macaroons, baguettes, onion soup, orangina, etc… my French teacher spoiled us that day!) and Italian (pasta, spaghetti, pizza, etc…) I really, really want to try other snacks and foods, though. I’m always stuck eating things like seaweed for a snack. :joy:


I don’t think people with dietary restrictions usually eat snacks… So, they could offer snacks to their family or their friends ! :joy: Or they could receiver another gift… A box of Asian cosmetic products ? But there is the problem of allergies too… Maybe a CD of the soundtrack of a drama ? :smile:

Snacks aren’t really healthy, that’s not new, but well, you can treat yourself sometimes or spoil your family or your friends… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


their vip package for dramaworld I heard had some cosmetics in them from TonyMoly. haha i’m such an addict that i could talk about cosmetics for weeks.

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I make my own cosmetics (not make up):dancer: Yup I’d buy a CD with Hero (KJJoong) and drama OST :+1:
I looked up the “shopping page” and it’s like a monthly subscription… not a fan of such although you can cancel anytime, but you know what happens when you forget.