So much new licenced drama O.O

I saw that Viki licenced so much new(old) drama with subtitles. I would like be mod on some and build a team. Do someone here know who I have to contact for it?
I’m talking about drama who don’t have MC or volunteers for now and that Viki uploaded with CC subtitles.


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I think those are the dramas they got when they acquired Soompi.

I’ve seen some users suggest messaging community mods, but every message I get from them says not to send them messages directly. You can put in a request to be added as moderator through the help center though.

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I think that those acquired with Soompi are hardsubbed? I wanted talk about those with CC subtitles.

I tried with help center, I’ll wait to see what happen. Thanks ^^

Oh, maybe? I’m sure they had a lot of softsubbed material too though.
Anyway, hope you don’t have to wait too long to hear back, cheers~

Yeah I noticed it too and I contacted Viki if I could be a CM for some of them since I liked them in the past. But Viki is a bit slow assigning them. Hopefully Viki will hurry up since some will have their license expiring in march.

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Do you know which one will expire in march?

‘Next’ will be expired, that’s sure. @kawaiie