So, Who Is Your Daily Latest Love? xD

Which Kdrama guy is your latest “Love”/addiction that you are getting into now or just started getting to know through watching his dramas? Or even if you already have seen some of his works, but has caught your attention the most recently then all the other kdrama guys with a new drama out?

i JUST recently finished “Nice Guy” and i was always obsessing over him when i would see him in pics and on running man and the commercials of his movies, but now that i saw nice guy in action, i can officially say i am more obsessed with Song Joong Ki then ever drops to floor

i mean, i cant believe how Gorgeous he is! and he has such a baby face i cant believe he is 28 he looks so younggg. wahhhhh!

so,who’s your latest love ? xD ^ ^


May the drooling competition commence! :laughing: . :laughing: . :smiling_imp:

I’m going for Zo In Sung. His best characteristic is a general lack of a baby face, but still being a super hottie.

Right after the first two episodes of It’s Okay, That’s Love, I decided to have a Zo In Sung marathon. I’m arranging this chronologically, so that it becomes clear just how good of a wine I believe this man is.

Love of North and South (2003):


What Happened in Bali (2004):


A Dirty Carnival (2006):


A Frozen Flower (2008):


That Winter, the Wind Blows (2013):


It’s Okay, That’s Love (2014) I tried very hard not to put the really juicy stuff:




I rest my case.


And what a case… I’m with you all the way. He is for sure the hottest of them all.

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ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh jo in sunnngg <3 xD i love him, and your def. right there, he has a lack of baby faced features, but that doesnt mean there’s an ounce of lacking in the handsome department. !!!

wahhh! he was with the han ji wan?!! omgggg i wouldve said “im gonna go see that ASAP!” butttt, judging that i have the same mind as @ger_o_malley when it comes to depressing stuff, and the review she gave on it, plus the fact that i just finished a mellowdrama , ill say ill pass. though one day soon i would really love to check out these other dramas by him that you listed!

most definitley! xD let us begin!! mwahahahahaha! evil cackle, then chokes

My latest kdrama love is Eric, from Discovery of love. I think he’s so handsome and sexy!!!

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For me it’s this man

me faints


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:grinning: Yeah, I’m just… grinning here. :smile_cat:


I wasn’t familiar with this guy at all and only watched the new drama ‘She’s so Loveable’ out of curiosity because so many commenters were ‘waxing lyrical’ about him and the young lady who star in it. it’s too much like ‘Trot Lovers’ without the good singer. Don’t know what you guys see in him but giving him a chance to impress me.

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A matter of taste i think. I never saw him before actually. i knew he exists tho thanks to the perverts club but never was really interested. I really love she’s lovable and I don’t see trot lovers there. I didn’t even finish that drama… i love the story here they way they are acting. In trot lovers they were arguing too much. I really hope this drama will have a nice ending.

Even though i don’t like the way kpop is portrayed here. I am sure it can be reality … very sad

Anyway he is soooooo freaking cute onggggggg

For me it’s Lee Jong Suk ehe
I thought he was ok but after watching Doctor Stranger, I totally fell for him, I mean look at him he’s just omg

Courtesy of @dramaaaaa:

…and our host:

@b2utybubbles, are we trying to keep this topic decent and clean, or can I borrow something from the Perverts Club? Because @dramaaaaa had already taken out the big guns with Rain’s pic :laughing:

ive never seen this man anywhere, but i can see why he’s your “latest love” xD thanks for the input! i love seeing everyone’s guys xD

@dramaaaaa ahhh, so your one of those rain lovers? xD i didnt know xD im not one of his biggest fans but i have been recently started to see him a bit in “full house” after knowing a bit of his music and i say i can see why these ladies love him, he does have some charm, and he’s cute xD i might fall under it too, who knows xD when his character softens and i cant wait to see him and Krystal when i finally get to start “she’s so loveable”.

“never saw him but, knew he exists” LOLOLOL ROTFL! omg that comment killed me xD

oh no,how is it being potrayed? :frowning:

YES! omg we tottally have space to fangirl about that one. MY HEART! he stole in in every drama/movie he’s been in, im in absolute drools. i will die because of this man lol. too cute. he is at my very top of my k-actors/heartthrob biases-list. so you mean the first time you saw him was in doctor stranger? have you seen his other dramas or movies?

yup, took the words right out of you. just what happens to me when i see him. he is just “omg”.

i cant wait for Pinocchio!! omggg :heart: save my heart till that time :stuck_out_tongue:

ahhhhh lee jong suk!!! thank you xD

rotfl well, i dont meddle in with what others do in their own conversations, just me personally i prefer cleaner convos, but if thats taking out the big guns then LOL! thats fine xD since i didnt see anything “too crazy” or anything like that with what she put about Rain, so i personally dont mind. he does have pretty abs xD

lol after watching she’s lovable he was able to impress me. I have to fangirl after seeing thr actors in dramas and stuff. Otherwise i forget them. And he is soooooo freaking cute omg start that drama pls T-T

Gonna start full house too because of him hehe

It is the truth tho

I don’t want to spoil it for you but yeah sad. Things you probably know already tho since you really love kpop a lot :smiley:

actually i didn’t know you made this topic till after i posted the pic. But I thought you wouldn’t mind because i didn’t say “too crazy” things there. And since you were around in the perverts club too i thought it would be okay. I could put another pic instead tho if you want :slight_smile:

Hehehhehehe i found a movie with Rain and Lee jong Suk :smiley:

@itsjoo @b2utybubbles

Just sayin ^^

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Me, too. I was thinking… a marathon next weekend :slight_smile: Though It’s going to be really hard to get over that HAIR of his, even though it was 10 years ago. Bon Jovi reincarnation:


I’m now watching all the “classics” that everybody talked about and recommended. Full House is one of them. So far I was not disappointed at all.


LMAO @b2utybubbles @bozoli I think we should change this topic to who is your daily love ?

@b2utybubbles OMG i am soooooo in LOVE with this man right now faints

Watching Can you hear my heart right now he is sooooooooooooooooo freaking cute T_T

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OMG but that gif is so freaking cute AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i love cute boys hehe hot or things like that aren’t as important to me as the cuteness of them :smiley:

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