[Solved] I didn't get my badges

I have 15,212 contributions as of 11 July 2020, 10:15 AM IST to be exact.
I am a Hindi Moderator in 3 J-Dramas; ‘Life ~ Love On The Line’, ‘Peanut Butter Sandwich’ and ‘Miracle Under The Cherry Tree’ with 516, 36 and 11 contributions respectively. I wonder why I don’t have my 300 J-Drama badge?
And I am loosing behind my one more badge.
With working as a subber and moderator on 11 Korean Shows including 2 movies and 1 reality show, and on top of that with 15K contributions, I didn’t received my 10K K-Drama badge. Even if I exclude the movies and reality show I am still safe enough to have 10K contributions in K-Dramas.

It is quite unfair as Viki already doesn’t has Hindi badges and now I don’t have 2 more badges which I should have received last month. :sob::sob: (I wonder if it’s a bug or some technical problem)

I wanted to know if anybody else is facing this problem before writing in help center.
Thanks for reading :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Do you log out and back in regularly? Or stay logged in for a very long time?

I was a regular since April till 2 July, and I had my contributions till then, almost logging in regularly and contributing daily but I wasn’t available till yesterday after 2 July.
Is this the root of the problem? :thinking::thinking:
If it is, I ain’t ever leave Viki again.

No, it isn’t related to your joining regularly, what I meant if you usually log in and out when using Viki.
Because normally when you log in changes on your profile will “run” automatically.
So, now I went looking at your profile.
You have 11 badges:
Japanese 1.000, 300
Subtitler 10.000, 5.000, 1.000, 500, 100, 10
Learn Mode
Korean 300
K-Drama 1.000, 300
Okay, I would say try writing a request, it may take some time to get a reply but maybe they will need to activate your missing badges manually. If you didn’t hear from them after 2 weeks, you can contact us here again.
I can only wish you patience as I am sure with many new users at Viki it might take a little longer. Good luck!


J-drama badge is always an issue. Mine also had to be added manually by the Viki staff after I made a request.

About a Hindi badge, why don’t you gather all the Hindi volunteers and ask for one here in the discussions? :blush:

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Why not set up as an idea and get it voted there? How many Hindi volunteers are here?

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Thank you everyone for responding.
There are just a handful of Hindi Subbers and some after claiming they’ll work hard never show up again.
But the idea is really good and to be honest, I never thought of this one.
I’ll sure talk to fellow Hindi Subbers and get this idea forwarded to Viki.

As for my loosing bagdes, I am going to write it to Viki.

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I never got a Korean 10,000 badge either.
As for Japanese, from what I know you get them only for Japanese series which are specifically marked as “drama”. From the ones you mentioned “Peanut Butter Sandwich” is the only “drama”. You now have 36 subtitles for that one, so I expect you would get it once you wrote 300 in that particular show.

I didn’t noticed that. Thanks for telling me about it. So the only problem left is 10K badge and Viki has to do something about it if I am not the only one who didn’t received it.

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I saw you do have Japanese badges now. How did you get them?

I went in Help Centre and made a request, later that day, I recieved an e-mail that the bagdes have been added to my profile. It was quite fast than I expected. Then just yesterday when I didn’t received my 1K J-drama bagde after waiting a little, I went in help centre again and made a request and half an hour later or so, I got the badge.
If you make a request in help centre, you might get your bagde fast too :yum:

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Guess I’d better do that, then. Thanks! :sunglasses:

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Hello all! Yes — if you have been awarded a new badge but it’s not being reflected accordingly on your profile, you can write to us. That said, we strongly recommend allowing some buffer time for badges to be granted before sending us a request. (Do also allow us some time to respond; please do not send multiple requests as this might cause us to lose visibility on other requests.)

We are aware of the issue with J-Drama and some other badges not applying automatically, and are currently working on other issues that will in turn help fix this issue once and for all. :slight_smile: It make take a while (because these are foundational issues that involve heavy engineering efforts - think: fixing roads to allow vehicles to move faster and more smoothly) but you can take my word that we are on it! :wink: