[Solved] Known issue: Black background on titles of featured shows on Viki.com

I’m really sorry if this is just on my device, but for the past weeks I’ve been seeing main page covers like this:
that black textbox looking thing.
I’m accessing the website from Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Chrome on a laptop. Is it just me?

I also have that black box thingy… though I’ve only noticed it now.

Maybe the new design it is the same for me.

Ah, P.S.: Using Mozilla Firefox

That’s weird, I don’t have this. I’m using Chrome on my laptop.

Unbenannt Unbenannt1 Unbenannt2 Unbenannt3

normal for me

I have it too, though so far I didn’t even think about it, haha.

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Today I noticed that I see the covers with the black blocks if I access from Microsoft Edge but it’s all normal if I do it with Google Chrome.

I have that too

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There must be something wrong.
I had these pages in front of my eyes almost daily but I never noticed though :sweat_smile:

Looking at the crooked TI in Love Revolution in black boxes, there should be something weird.

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Maybe it’s some special new layout that only “the chosen few” get to see … :stuck_out_tongue:
Last time the page got updated not everyone immediately could see it either.

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Hi all, thanks for highlighting this on Discussions! We are aware that the titles of shows featured on Viki.com have a black background to them. Our team has been working on a fix! :slightly_smiling_face:

This issue is not happening on Chrome, and so we recommend watching or accessing Viki.com on Chrome for the moment if you are affected by this.

We’ll keep everyone posted!


I study cover pages for design inspiration, so when I saw that black text-box I thought there’s either some malfunction going on or someone’s being verrry lazy :joy::joy:
@jeslynl thanks for clearing everything up!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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At first glance I read “very crazy”. :rofl:


Hi all, an update: This issue that is happening on browsers like Firefox has been fixed! Titles should no longer have an odd black background if you are using affected browsers.