[Solved] Known-issue: Viki downtime across Viki.com and apps

UPDATE, August 11 08:00 hrs UTC:

Dear all, Viki services have fully recovered. Video playback has resumed for all across all supported devices.

If you continue to run into playback issues and have raised a ticket request via our Help Center, our customer experience team will get back to you as soon as possible. There might be a slight delay due to the huge volume of ticket requests over this period — please bear with us!

UPDATE, August 7 11:00 hrs UTC:

As we enter the weekend in some timezones, we are glad to share that we are mostly recovered. You can now resume watching videos on Viki.

If you are watching video via the Viki app and continue to see the error Please update your app, it is because the recovery of some of our sub-services is still in progress. We recommend trying again in 24 - 48 hours while our team works on full service recovery. Alternatively, you can watch videos via a web browser at Viki.com in the meantime.

As we enter the weekend, our updates here might be delayed (we will try our best!). For immediate updates or check-ins with status recovery, you can refer to our Twitter page @VikiStatus. (You can also access this page without owning a Twitter account.)

Once again, we appreciate your kind patience and understanding while we get the Viki service up and running again.

UPDATE, August 7 04:30 hrs UTC:

Video playback on Viki.com has been restored. If you continue to run into issues with your mobile or connected TV device, we’d like to suggest you try accessing Viki on a web browser in the meantime.

Full recovery of all Viki services continues to be in progress.

Dear volunteer community: If you were in the midst of segmenting, subtitling or editing, we’re happy to let you know that you can continue now. Of course, please rest if it’s time to!

Dear all,

Viki started experiencing downtime at approximately August 6 18:00 hrs UTC.

This affected several services across Viki.com and apps, including logins and video playback, and for volunteers, the subtitle editor.

We’re in the midst of full recovery, and are slowly getting services back up progressively by regions. We ask that you try again in a while. We will also provide a status update once the issue has been fixed for everyone.

The team is working to bring all services back up on Viki as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and please stay tuned for further updates on this thread.


I am still having issues with shows loading first I ws totally locked out of VIKI now the video for shows are not loading at all.

The same problem is occurring for me today. Getting error 500 and can’t go into any channel to work on it and for messaging I’m getting 502 server error. Is this widespread or affecting only some of us?


Hi @kitty100
We are all experiencing the same issue.
I guess just a matter of time for Viki to solve things.

I couldn’t sign in Viki.
And I have been experiencing issues with the Viki inbox during all the week. All I see was the 502 server error. Sigh… I guess they are touching the inbox AGAIN. :triumph::unamused:


Now the page doesnt let me in to the videos.

Guys, I already sent a request to the help center with a link to the other thread mentioning these problems: What's up, Viki? Pages not loading, error 500 and Hammy

Viki’s office hours will start again 17 minutes from now, so I guess from then on they will be alerted to the problem.

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Hi there, I’m also seeing issues from the Apple TV app as well as the from a browser on my MacBook. Is this a widespread problem?

Viki Status



We are slowly recovering and hope to have the service back soon. Thank you for your patience.

PS I keep getting logged out as I’m watching a drama. Hope it gets resolved soon. Thank you.

Anyone else?



Nothing like usual, made a full restart, it doesn’t work properly at all!

@jeslynl @mariliam


Same here. It’s been an hour now.

Yes! I was just creating a post about it and while doing that things seemed to improve again … but not really.

I’ve been seeing several different things, that changed while trying to take a screen shot.

And now I see this:

After refreshing it’s back to this:

My profile page:

I still have the subtitle editor open and luckily it still works. But I guess I should keep it open till this is solved.

Refreshing the editor also gives this:

Contributor’s page:

Error: Server Error

The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request.

Please try again in 30 seconds.

30 Seconds later it’s still the same.


Hey, this one works: https://contribute.viki.com/perks


I was unable to sign in… After many tries here I am. I guess this is the only safe place :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, same here, blank pages or errors with Viki web and iOS. :cry: Unable to get to the Help Center to make a ticket. I’m sure the Viki teams are aware of the issue, but there’s nothing on their Twitter yet. Hoping to get word here!


And by now the perks page is not working anymore either.

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Hey, guys!


Still no profile though …

I could go to the help center even with the broken pages.
Sent a request with link to here

The inbox is the funniest

“We are facing some problems …”

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And back to: