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TO whom it may concern:

The inbox is a total disaster at this time, and very little has been done to fix all the other issues that needed fixing. Yes, the world is in turmoil right now and the days ahead won’t be any easier; but why give us an extra heartache? If we could just get an explanation as to why the inbox issue is totally ignored right now… (so we can understand why it’s in such bad shape), it would be a nice gesture from this site, that has always updated where things stand and how soon we can see any improvements done in that department.

The moderators are IGNORING the message send to them or they are NOT getting the message we volunteers send them? Can you investigate if moderators pick and chose who they will answer for team add? I believe something is very wrong with the inbox and is not the moderators fault at all but can’t tell since I get no answers in my inbox.

Thank you for the prompt attention since I doubt this issue will continue to be swept under the rug. We need to be able to communicate and moderators need to be thoughtful and answer even if it’s a NO answer. That’s the least they could do (the waiting adds stress to an already stressed out times we live in).

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Another terrible thing of this inbox - at least for me.

Suppose you’ve just finished reading a message. Now you want to go to another one on the list, another that is unread, in order to read it.
And you click on it. Nothing happens. You still see, on the main panel, the old message you’ve been reading and replying to. But that other message you clicked, it just becomes not-bold, as if it were read. But you haven’t read it, and no matter how much you click on it, you can’t go there.
Only if you refresh.
Everything in this inbox is done by refreshing.

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i still don´t like to see, when people left a chat / conversation and doesn´t reply to me…


ir they say something so negative about what you said you don’t ever want to put anything on here again!


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Please, make it easier to delete messages like the old inbox. It takes so much longer to delete messages one by one and the inbox always stops working when I delete a message. I have to reload the page again and again. I really appreciate all the work that the Viky Community Team is doing, this is just feedback, please listen to us.


Yes, it’s infuriating. When you delete a message, one of two things happen:

  1. Everything goes back at the latest message, so to go back to the section you were cleaning up (such as old group messages to the whole team, sent to a zillion people one by one, as it used to be the case) you have to scroll interminably.
  2. Everything becomes white, blank, both the left section with the messages and the right, preview section.

For now, my solution is to CTRL+click every message I want to delete, so it creates a different browser tab. I create about 20-30 tabs like that and then I visit them one by one, delete the message, close the tab. So the original tab remains at the point it was, without going back to the beginning and without stopping working.

But still it’s so maddeningly slow and fussy! If they made everything like an Android phone, then also put tick boxes or radio buttons near each message so we can choose multiple ones to delete at once!


Interesting work around Irmar. I’ll have to give it a try. i have the same issue with the inbox and deleting is so frustrating. I finally came up with a work around for finding things, which is another issue. I had to make a google sheet for it. I hope they get this figured out soon. It takes up so much time to just find your mail and I’ve been missing things a lot lately.


Thanks for the tips, I’ll try your method. And yes, it’s really frustrating and infuriating, I wish they bring back the tick boxes so we can delete it all at once as you said.


Is it possible to get a last checked time in the inbox? Sometimes I just forget, when I last checked, and sometimes when I check I realize that it is maybe not even 10 minutes ago, I did my last check.

I don’t know how others feel about it, or if it’s only me. I am not involved with on-air projects, so my inbox usually is quieter than others, but I would like to check from time to time and if I knew the minutes, hours since the last check I would feel more at ease.

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Am I the only one who still doesn’t get email notifications for new messages? I don’t receive them for the first message, but I do for replies. I have the notifications on at the inbox and the settings page, but nothing works.

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I sometimes have notification, I sometimes don’t have it, independantly of any answer.

While on holidays, I didn’t receive notification on my email, so back on Viki, I have a list of messages I didn’t know I received for recruitment.

Some already left the conversation without answer from my part.

Also, I still receive notifications from mute conversations I muted yesterday or in the morning.

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Today the inbox kept crashing on me. And messages don’t load from time to time. Then you have 3 people in a row you want to PM an then all of a sudden the system gets stuck on the 2nd person while clicked on the 3 person. Result: I did send some messages to the wrong people because I thought I had selected B. but it remained A. and I didn’t notice on time.

Very annoying when you want to PM 20 people fast.

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Do we have “select all” options? I want to bulk delete some of the messages.

I’m afraid not. There’s not even a search function.

Hi everyone!
I don’t know why it takes such a long time to delete a chat :confused: And then you get redirected to the first message…
Is there any way to select multiple chats at once in order to delete them?
And, is there a way to organize our messages for years?
I have to keep scrolling down until I find a message from 2019 :frowning:

To be honest I do miss the old message system…:expressionless:


Me too. Last time I deleted mails for over 2 hours and I am not nearing the end v.v


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