Some goods scenes but overall a bad drama?


Hey all!
What dramas have you watched that have had some really hilarious scenes but the show kinda sucked? I have seen a few dramas now that I personally didn’t like to much but had a few pretty funny moments in it. I hear a lot about peoples favorite shows so I thought this would be interesting to talk about.
Personally, one show that was like this for me was “Go Go squid.” It was a decent show but I felt like it had a rough beginning. Thoughts?


I guess I remember I watching a C-drama called Sweet combat , The comedy was great but overall chemistry of characters was not expected .I couldn’t wait any longer so I left it half way and stopped watching… I didn’t like it because of the plot but the leads were amazing. Of course we all have different opinions but yeah : )


Oh! I actually watched that one too. I loved the playfulness of the characters, mainly all the sibling interactions. I loved parts of it but it did kinda taper off. Personally I felt they prolonged the show to much.


Melting Me Softly had some pretty funny scenes but on a whole, I was glad when it ended. Sometimes it felt like the writers tried TOO hard to inject comedy into it. ‘Her Private Life’ and ‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim’ also felt like that, to me. It felt like they put the romance to cover up lack of plot depth…


That makes sense. I agree with you on ‘Her private life’. I like most of “What’s wrong with Secretary kim” but again it did kind of drag on. That seems to be a common theme with dramas.


I totally agree with you I mean if they had a better plot or story they would have made it to my top 10 list. Unfortunately they was too much romance and less story excitement.


That was my very first Asian drama, so I had no expectations anyway … :wink:

I did enjoy it though. It’s not like it scared me away from Asian dramaland forever, hahaha!

But they did postpone that first kiss till … what was it? Episode 8? :open_mouth:


Probably. In my experience, the first kiss usually comes around episode 8 if the drama is mainly about the characters falling in love…or it’s in episode 12/13. If it’s in episode 5,then almost certainly one of the two will end up in the hospital. If they do kiss in episode 8, there’ll usually be a breakup/relationship problem around episode 10, and they make amends in eps 14/15. If the kiss is in episode 13, then no worries :joy::joy:


Hmm … this one was the only one where I saw the first kiss almost happening at episode 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 and then finally they went through with it in episode 8 (if indeed it was 8).


the one where they almost kiss and then he pushes away the chair will forever remain one of the most frustrating almost kisses in history :flushed:
Don’t you just hate it when the OTP kiss/make out or something and then the whole thing turns out to be a dream sequence??!! :rage: i feel completely cheated!


O God, THAT scene!

Yes, I hate that too. Only if something terrible happens, I hope it’s just a dream!


It is kinda funny to me what direction the writers/directors take the dramas in. I mean I can understand why they would do certain things but not all so it funny. Not sure if I am making sense.


I laughed so hard when I say that scene. I am glad they put it in but it did bug me a bit. The look on their faces…lol


Now that we are discussing this, what are few shows where they kiss within the first three episodes. I forget the show but I think one of the few cases they did that. The girl feel on top of guy. It happened because they tripped kinda thing. Tripping also seems to be another popular theme… In my opinion Ideas like this can be cute as long as they are not overdone.


Talk about writers treating the watchers like yo-yos.


Yeah, I get what you’re trying to say. No matter how much I might complain about the ridiculousness of some dramas, deep down inside that’s exactly the reason I enjoy them!!

Tripping HAS to happen, or a pass-by-in-slow-motion so that we know who the OTP are :joy::joy: that heartbeat background sound they use too! If they kiss in the first three eps, then its usually either a dream, mistake or they’ll change partners later :grin:


grins Agreed. That is so true though. You know have watched dramas for awhile when you can predict certain themes.


I’m on a Ji Chang Wook crash course so I watched “Melting Me Softly” - not his best project but what made the scenes good? Ji Chang Wook :grin:


grins That is kinda funny. Yeah, I agree that sometimes all it takes is one actor for you to want to watch a show. I don’t have any favorite actors at the moments…there are to many I like. Haha.


Haha, and while watching all the shows of a certain actor, you suddenly discover a new certain actor in one of those shows, so a new hunt starts! :rofl: