Some goods scenes but overall a bad drama?


Exacty! It how we all jump down the rabbit holes of viki.


haha ik right??! Most of JCW’s dramas don’t have very strong plots(personally I REALLY enjoyed only Suspicious Partner) but I enjoy them for JCW :sweat_smile: I’m excited for his upcoming one with Kim Ji Won(I LOVEDDD her in DOTS)…I hope it’s good! He’s an amazing actor but idk why he chooses those dramas :no_mouth:


Lol, “ik” is the Dutch word for “I”! :rofl:

Btw, I assume you did see Healer?


Is she the other doctor, the girl from Fight For My Way? I heard it’s from the director of “It’s ok to not be ok” so I’m excited about that. Oh man , that girl is so lucky Park Seo Joon and now JCW? I can’t win :sweat_smile: Oh wait… PMY too…

I dug up a couple of “old” dramas with JCW in it - My too Perfect Sons and Bachelor Veggie Store , still working through them :laughing:

Hwarang is an overall “bad” drama but I stuck with it :laughing: - good scenes maybe the first 2 episodes?


I’m surprised Healer did not get a good reception in Korea - I think it’s pretty awesome, it sort of reads like those super hero stories because of the “dualities” like Batman/Bruce Wayne, Superman/Clark Kent, Spiderman/Peter Parker and of course the love twist. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


oooh I haven’t heard of those two. I am interested now. searches them up lol Hwarang had some really great scenes but I agree. I haven’t seen then end yet. I started it awhile back then stopped. I recently restarted watching it.


haha all the german i know is ich bin kdrama lover :joy:

I did watch Healer :sweat_smile: it was quite good, but I guess I had a thing against PMY after watching WWWSK and HPL and not enjoying them.
Now that I recall it, I did enjoy the drama quite a lot…my favourite character was the ahjumma and Park Bong Soo :slight_smile: his duality WAS a lot of fun to see, and the flashback arc was done very well

yeah, she played Choi Aera in Fight My Way…she was awesome with Jin Goo in DOTS too :heart_eyes:


Lol, German and Dutch are two different languages. :wink:


May I please know the name of the upcoming drama?:slight_smile:


I think it’s called “City Love” or something like that. I heard that it will be 30-minute episodes. JCW fans in IG (gotta love them) they are all over this project - they already posted filming shots of JCW and the female lead surfing in Jeju Island.

is it ok if I talk about “bad scenes” too ? Because “Ana” running barefoot through the streets of Barcelona in K2 was , I’m sorry, annoying to say the least - it went on for waaaay too long.

…also not his (Lee Jong Suk) best project - “Dr. Stranger” , I thought the scenes in Budapest were amazing but that drama was a hot mess :sweat_smile: but I stuck with it anyway.


The dorkiness and adorableness of Park Bong Soo, juxtaposed by Seo Jung Hu’s “bad @s$ery” and tough exterior that got broken down by Chae Yong Shin :heart_eyes: I am still not over this couple , I’ll probably watch Healer again this year :sweat_smile:

@arydeclair - rabbit holes (relatable) not only of Viki but Youtube, Amazon, KoreaonDemand, KissAsian, dramacool etc , I probably shouldn’t be posting about the rivals but Viki seriously is the best and most user-friendly.


Agreed. I also like Viki the best so far. grins


It’s called ‘City Couple’s Way of Love’, its made to have many seasons, so the first season’s name is ‘My Lovable Camera Thief’
that’s the article :grin:


ik i skipped most of it. K2 had some pretty cool scenes though on a whole it was kinda meh the catwalk scene also took waaaaaay too long… the chemistry was also not all that great. My favourite scene was the one where he watched her make ramen through the cctv it was really cute :heart_eyes:
however, at least we got to see more of JCW’s

:joy: i feel like all JCW’s characters melt into each other. Healer had his romcom character and his badass character and most of his others have one of the two.


The fights scenes were great and JCW was so tan in that series I love it. I was actually digging his “banner hanger” outfit - the “working class” look in his work boots , work pants, flannel, tool belt and tank top :sweat_smile:

I apologize, I did not mean to hi-jack this to be a JCW love post, I’m so sorry.

To stick with the subject though, Goblin wasn’t a “bad” drama but I didn’t like it much (I know, unpopular opinion), the scenes in Montreal were incredible.


Oh, well, who’d mind JCW visiting a thread? :wink:


Haha I made this and I don’t mind. grins


hehe me too I loved those farmhouse scenes :heart_eyes:

for me, Goblin was a pretty good drama…till like the 13th ep where the writers decided that rules were made to be broken and logic could go on vacation. It’s ending was so NOT SATISFYING that it spoilt the entire watch for me, even though I loved the cameraderie of the main squad :sob:


The school nurse files…


I saw the trailer and thought…what is this? :laughing: