Some goods scenes but overall a bad drama?


I’m sorry but that’s such a junk drama to watch. It’s not so much the fantasy in it, but is too, too, fake! When i watch fantasy I like to feel it could happen in real life, but the disparage of the story goes beyond unbelievable cr*p. I went as far as seeing the two episodes and I was speechless with disbelief someone would bother to take such role.


It’s HORRIBLE. I can’t believe they created such a crazy story that makes no sense and the whole scenario is so crappy. She holds one of those star wars plastic swords and fights the ‘‘monsters’’ with that. The students are going to be eaten by a enormous animated animal, and OMG I thought I had seen it all but this won the award for the worse drama made in 2020. If u don’t believe me go and take a look. I’m still in shock.


No, I think I’ll skip it :sweat_smile:
Not my kind of thing. The graphics already threw me off a bit.


Has there ever been a drama you have been really looking forward to but it just flopped?


Well, for me it was MAY QUEEN Han Ji-Hye after watching that very long drama halfway, ‘‘the ending of the couples’’ (even after she beds the main guy for her) I was left angry beyond words, and to this day I refuse to watch any dramas that she’s in. I started one a long time ago, but saw only some episodes and the end was another crappy one, too. She seems to love dramas that have crappy endings.


When we were young was one of the C-dramas that I was looking forward to but it was very disappointing especially after waiting so long for the story to move further. In the end it was worthless I mean the leads didn’t end up together and everyone went there own way it was quite boring so I just skipped to the end and I am thankful I did that. Of course everyone has their own opinions but it was very boring and flop.


when you watch a whole drama, investing HOURS into the experience and the main leads DON’t end up together :grimacing::grimacing: I can feel the frustration!