Soompi's Quizzes are Hilarious


I forgot to put @vivi_1485 if she’s a teen bc I thought she is a teen but I could be wrong.

By what you wrote we both were teens in the 70’s, and if you know; what is an unnie? How old are unnies? I was so curious to ask I can’t hold the curiosity any longer.


:laughing: tbh they weren’t that far off, but still, I won’t hit that age for the next couple of years :wink:

@angelight313_168 unnie is the Korean word for older sister (it’s what a female would call someone that is older than her, if they are blood-related, good friends, etc.)


So I would be your unnie? I’m middle age but you are way younger so I don’t get it. I have to know you well to be an unnie?


I’m no expert, but I think you can use that term for people you are friendly with :slight_smile:

I would call you unnie :smile:. Auntie would be a bit… idk :sweat_smile: I have a very good friend in her 60’s, and even though she’s more than double my age and her kids are older than me, I would definitely call her unnie instead of auntie if we were to use Korean terms :laughing:

Edit: but I think in Korea itself, that would be a no-no :sweat_smile:



I see… depending on the age is unnie and/or auntie.

In the past I use to make a big deal about calling non relative (friends) aunt bc I felt only a family member aunt, should be called aunt. But I got so used to see it now in Asian dramas, that is very normal and as a matter of fact, it wouldn’t bother me at all if you called me auntie.It would be an honor to be called auntie since it sounds so sweet and familiar.


Ok, thank you.

I turned 20 in 1972.

About your question. “Unnie” is a formal title in Korean, what a younger sister would call her older sister(s).

I did a little searching and found this article about formal title usage:

Have a wonderful day. :grinning:


Thank you and enjoy the rest of the day too, blessings your way.

PS. I WAS 13 in 1972. The 70’s were so beautiful in my life and I cherish them in my memory so much. Hope they were great for you too.


Thank you. Highlight of the 70’s was my marriage in the States’ bi-centenniel year – 1976!


Yep, I’m a teen. And unnie probably isn’t the correct word for me to address you, but I didn’t know if ahjumma or auntie would fit either so I opted for the general :sweat_smile:

Yeah, the way they call people ‘ahjumma’ in kdramas is the same way we would address a person as ‘auntie’ even if we don’t know you (I’m Asian). Everyone is oppa, unnie, hyung, noona, ahjussi, ahjumma, we don’t even have to know their names or be close to them. Since I wasn’t speaking specifically to you when I said ‘unnies’ I thought, the younger the better, since we’re all different ages :sweat_smile: Though I think there are more older people here than younger ones… maybe all the kids like me are busy on Instagram and YouTube :joy: :joy:



it wouldn’t bother me at all if you called me auntie (I wrote this to @feyfayer but forgot to write her name), so I’m guessing you thought I said this to you? lol



That YT video link you suggested to me was my lifesaver. The way this girl explains the people’s titles according to their age and gender she explained them so perfectly well, that I finally cleared up so many doubts I ever had before.

THANK YOU< THANKYOU so much! @aznative you are my lifesaver bc you gave me hope I might be able to learn Korean now (before I had big doubts the language would enter my brain but this video makes learning Korean so much easier for me). I am taking many notes, and in the process am learning how to write Korean words correctly.

To think it took so long to find the perfect video that will help me so much. Other/Many people suggested other links/materials, but I gave up, and thought Korean would never be conquered by my brain, but now I have high hopes…:laughing::laughing:
This is the video I’m talking about. It goes into detail how to address a person based on 20, 30, 40 years old, and also how to address younger people according to age.


Hi @angelight313_168. Sorry for replying late.

I’m so happy I was able to find a share a resource that will be helpful to you. Best wishes to you as you study!


Well we could actually be “unnies” of the Viki Order :two_women_holding_hands:, the age isn’t relevant in this case :joy:
And it’s true younger generation is more on Instagram and/or Facebook (which we used to call fraudbook, because it is)… our German subtitlers use Kakaotalk for our project communication, they have even their own fan chats etc.

I think it’s awesome that we meet on Viki people from any corner of this globe and any age group, we can all benefit from each other, learn and laugh together, we have same interests in Asian shows and share other interests too. Therefore, I feel the age isn’t relevant :hugs:

There are even Vikians who even met in person and created friendships :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Wowwww this is such a beatiful community!! I love being part of it!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
We don’t even have to think of age sometimes, all the little drama-loving kids inside us come out to laugh and love here :grin:


here this lady loves these “kids” thats why I say a lot of nice things about these actors & actresses, they are MY adopted kids, and love every one of them yeah faults & all.

as for all these discussions I am on, love hearing from people, love hearing from people all over the world, and really does make my day as well, as for unnie or auntie or even grannie, at least you call me!


Another one that doesn’t make all that much sense but oh well :smile:!!

Ahhh my Lee Dong Wook fangirl heart is at peace :joy:


you are so right, but it was still a cutesy fun thing.


i tried this one . even though they showed wrong age they were somewhat right about their description :clap: . the one i got is You’re pretty much willing to give a K-drama the first few episodes to be good. You don’t waste your time, so you like K-dramas that are good from the very first episode. You also like to take into account who the cast is and are most likely going to watch if you like who the main leads are.



First Quiz - Age Guess - it says I’m around 24 :rofl: inaccurate but oh well :smile:

K drama Cliche Quiz - Opposite Attraction whatever that means :sweat_smile:


i think they mean you need to meet your complete opposite and fall in love?? :joy: