Soompi's Quizzes are Hilarious


Great :rofl: :smirk: , I started listening to kpop from Korean OST from dramas.


ok its a start!


Yay :star_struck:


I remember taking this and it was almopst the opposite of my actual one :joy: I didnt put it up here because not everyone here has extensice kpop knowledge(including me, I just like a few bands, mostly boy groups, and don’t pay attention to fashion)


Lol :rofl:


Okay, you got me completely hooked to Gaho because of this :joy::joy: I clicked on your link ten days ago and just fell down the rabbithole of Gaho’s music! Almost his entire discography is on my playlist now :sweat_smile:


ok don’t know if anyone seen this on soompi

My Roommate Is Gumiho” Introduces Jang Ki Yong, Hyeri, Kang Han Na, And Other Characters Through Numbers In Fun Posters

May 26!! will it be on here thats the next question!! this was on FB and the number quiz was funny


So Soompi just released a quiz to find which 2PM member is my soulmate@mirjam_465 @my_happy_place I’m in danger of being murdered by @kdrama2020ali and her bird squad, I can just feel it. Please send help, I really need it :flushed:

I’m “pretty much his for life” I wonder how long that life is going to be now





Why do I feel like bringing all the dragons, mythical warriors and all of the world’s weaponry isn’t going to help protect me against a very determined woman?:flushed:


Don’t show her your fear. Just confidently walk next to Junho. She just has to accept it.
Besides, she still has others.


Well you know my ANSWER!!!

Junho is #1 @vivi_1485 has figured that one out

@vivi_1485 you crack me up!!!


It appears he will be collecting quite a harem, because it turns out that Junho is also MY soulmate!



He is going to have and already has too many people trying to catch his affections!!!

He’s Spicy and I love Spicy Food


I took the quiz and… I’m joining the club :smile:


Besides the fact that we will all have to fight over Junho’s attentions, I guess this just means that we are all very similar people and that we also must be each other’s soulmates. :blush:


OOOOOOH - Fireworks!!! :fireworks:

I got NCT - Johnny - I don’t know who he is but he’s cute!!!


Well he is 26 so that’s good - I recognize him from somewhere

Johnny is smooth and you’ll be entranced by his charm. He can be deep and funny while making sure you’re having a good time. He’s the type of guy that you can lean on for advice. You’ll appreciate the time you spend together!


That one, weirdly, limits the answers to American/Canadian Kpop idols.

“Which of these American/Canadian K-pop idols will take you to go see the fireworks this year?”

I got: BTOB’s Peniel. Also have no idea who that is. :rofl:


Me too:



Can you survive the K-pocalypse :laughing:

Congratulations! You really know how to pick a winning team. You managed to make it all the way to the safe zone in one piece, and now you get to relax knowing that you and your team can make it through pretty much anything.