Soompi's Quizzes are Hilarious


Hey @vivi_1485 I’m 20 to 24 years old per my kdrama pix! BAhahahahaha!



(His shirt neckline is low, not quite to the abs but tempting for dramagirl.) :rofl:

I got NCT’s Johnny.

He must like steak because I chose that over mac and cheese and hoagies. :sunglasses:


Yep - We like STEAK


Aw… Now I am hungry for steak and fire-grilled CHILIS!


I forgot half of who I chose already. Mainly for their voices. Except I chose Jin for the scaredy cat just because. . lessee Mamamoo, Jin, D.O. Bang Chan, I.N. Onew. The girl with the hat. A couple of other guys I don’t know… Oh! strongman Jong Ho cuz he can break apples in half with his bare hands AND he can hit those high notes!

ok. Retaking the quiz to get their names
escape hometown - NCT’s Mark
run into someone. EXO’s D.O. (voice)
abandoned hotel - Mamamoo’s Moonbyul
Leader - Sray Kids Bang Chan - because 3racha!
Second in command - Got7’s Jinyoung (I’d have picked Jackson if he was an option.)
Muscle guy - Aeez’s JongHo
Shrimpy team member. - Twice’s Chaeyoung - Girl with hat)
The Brains - was gonna pick RM cuz he’s really smart but I don’t really care for rap. I DO love Onew’s singing so I picked him.
Scaredy cat is BTS’s Jin. Just because. (I would have chosen Hobi if he was on the list :rofl: )
Maknae is I.N. from Stray Kids. Because, Maknae on top!



Also got Peniel, I guess we really are simmilar :grin:

And my team will survive! ^^


Here are my guys some are the same!!! I filled in mine with your quote @porkypine90_261


um… Yea! I’ll accept 15-19. Yea. I’m that old inside… And don’t let any mirrors near me! I don’t want a harsh reminder of exactly how old my body is. :rofl:


I’m a wee bit older than you in kdrama world - hahahahahahahahaha!
20 to 24 so I can hang with our baby birds


:rofl: :sunglasses: :rofl: :sweat_smile:
:sunglasses: Should I dress like a teenager?

Sorry vegans… Don’t look at this horrid carnivores’ idea of a good meal. :scream:

This is a MUCH BETTER steak picture! YUM! Steak, fire-roasted Chilis and Limes! It looks so darned tasty! YUM! (Yep. I am hungry. Time to rustle up some lunch.)





They’re not totally wrong, as far as the description. LOL
I’ve never been afraid to admit I’m a teenaged fangirl at heart.


AAAGh! 다시! I am in heart jail AGAIN. I do love the tropes because they are funny and annoying! and I do watch what the critics pan, but then again. I don’t care what the critics think anyway. They are jaded. I like what I like so NYAH! :sunglasses: :rofl:


Me Neither

Tropes are my WORLD


This is why y’all are my people.

To heck with those critics! I feel like this needs a good ‘sticking out tongue’ GIF


Oh! It let me squeeze out another heart but then it tells me I’m all out again. :laughing: :rofl: :scream:

I have a severe case of the munchies and I don’t even toke weed. :scream: :laughing: I shall meander off in a crooked path towards the fridge, heat up my leftover fried rice, and commence to munching. I made it myself.

Char Sui bbq pork

some sausages.

Black fungus

Fried egg
Sliced peppers
roasted corn
Green onions



I’m making hot dogs - and I love baked beans on top of my dog!!! I’ll be off eating that with my Southern Heat Chips!!!

Here we are!!! SWAG


I got Eric Nam. Lol.

I think we all got the winning team :joy:



I got FOXY of course!

He’s suave, he’s adorable, he’s Lee Yeon. Lee Dong Wook was a gumiho-slash-ex-mountain-spirit in last year’s “Tale of the Nine-Tailed,” where his fate was very much intertwined with that of Jo Bo Ah’s character Nam Ji Ah. But tonight? Tonight he’s coming for you!

I have out my Mint-Choc-O-la-Chip Ice Cream for him


Did you take the quiz, though? Who did you get? NO CHEATING and taking the quiz a million times until you get Junho… share the FIRST result!

Ahh yes, this is a nice thing to take away from that quiz instead of historical-drama harem fights :joy::joy:

He’s from NCT… and Chicago :smile: He’s one of those guys who will crack you up without even knowing he’s being funny.

I’m supposedly the same age as you are!! :joy::joy: I love how all of my Viki ahjummas and others got their ages cut down in half or brought down while I’m the only one who had my age raised :joy:


I got DAY6’s Jae… i think he’s my DAY6 bias… he’s the band’s lead guitarist!