Soompi's Quizzes are Hilarious


Hahah you weren’t the only one :wink:


I’ve taken so many quizzes… Contrary to your experience, I almost always end up with the kpop member I want to get :sweat_smile: (except for one occasion where I realllllly wanted to be in a band with Jeno so I took the quiz a million times till it let me be in a band with him :clown_face:)
I think such quizzes are terribly funny.


You Are Invited!! Click, and come on over! :blush::upside_down_face::blush:

To give you more of an idea of what it’s all about, click this post!

Viki Fans


I’ve read that, but I underastand nothing. What is that?


We The Badger Production Company are in the midst of writing, scripting, directing, and acting in The “Viki Original,” you haven’t seen yet. Take a moment if you are interested in producing such a unique original, along with us! Please feel free to contact anyone who already has a role, to further understand the overall picture, via this link.


Which Jang Ki Yong Kdrama Character is your Soulmate??


Go Back Couple JKY, and you?


Same :smile:


The funny thing is, I can’t even remember him there since I watched only half of the drama, and gave up, I couldn’t cope with the poor baby’s “possibly no future for fate” - and when I tried again, the license was gone, now the license is back, but I do not have any urge to continue that drama.


Can’t remember if I watched it :sweat_smile:
Don’t think so… or maybe just the first episode. It was on my list :rofl:


He didn’t really impress me in Go Back Couple… even though he was the SML I never really felt much chemistry, he was just one more pretty face. I was rooting for the main couple and even when I thought they weren’t going to get back together, I never could picture her with JKY. I liked how his story ended, though, it was perfect.

I got Search:WWW JKY and I haven’t watched that one :sweat_smile:


LOL I saw that more than once, but not necessarily because of him.


I got this one, too.


I seriously wonder what they base their algorithm on :sweat_smile:

I got EXO’s Kai.


Me too, but it’s fun.

I got Jang Ki Yong.


I got Seventeen’s Joshua, and then I changed ONE answer and got Kai. It’s like Soompi knew about my new crush on Seventeen :joy::joy:


… same here …


Yoon Shi Yeon (Kim Tae Hee)Jang Ki Yong

this was for 3 tests
Park Mo Gun


I’m TOTALLY happy as we stroll along a lovely fall trail with our chocolate rum cocoa cuz he’s handsome and I’m ready to go :fallen_leaf:

Um he’s mine - hahahahahaha! And we are still twins


I’m totally ok with that!

Why is the Mint Chocolate Chip thing so big - do Koreans hate Mint Chocolate??