Space Sweepers with Song Joong Ki

Ok guys! I just watched SJK in Space Sweepers! It was AWESOME! Anyone else grab some popcorn today and watch???



I was going to watch it tomorrow :blush:


Let me know what you think!!!

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I plan on watching it with my boys tonight.


I was so SURPRISED by this and especially the English dub. It was great cinematography. Like a Guardians of the Galaxy feel. I loved it. Will watch it again. I was not expecting the storyline! SJK did a great job and I love the all the main characters!


Yes it was a really very well made nothing looked fake. The only thing that irks me that it’s always an American the evil destroyer one. I guess they don’t like American much, since there are so many other races that (could have been in that role) right now we have a few that are in first place than American in technology, power, and they are trying to conquer the galaxy to live up there; Not happening. No matter how powerful they have become is not gonna happen. No race, no one in this earth, will make another living space/world in the galaxy.


I wish we could live in space! Would be SO cool. And US films always have a Russian or such as a villain it’s just a thing…I’m sad that space has not been explored more…it’s an awful waste of space! ha!


Started off a bit slow, afterwards it got better :blush:
Storyline was really predictable though. It was cool to see it made from a Korean perspective though. They usually don’t make movies like this and even though it was predictable I applaud their effort :smile:


I was amazed by the special effects! I bet their budget was not as high as we usually see! I really enjoyed it! I am a sucker though I love Fifth Element, Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Trek!space%20sweepers%201


I think maybe Americans are the easiest foreign actors to get? And it won’t be very nice for them if they start antagonizing the Chinese too much…

You know I was not even paying attention to who the bad guy was??? I was too busy watching the special effects and SJK


I have seen it in the original language with English subtitles and I will have to watch certain scenes again with German subtitles, because I didn’t quite understand the scenes with the search for the missing girl and later the contacting of her.
Would someone of you explain this to me and put a spoiler, please?


That’s what I thought too, thank you so much. So does it have anything to do with “soul”?

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Watch it! :sunglasses:

Song Joong-ki, - Tae-ho - troubled guy looking for his lost daughter :cry:
Tae Ri Kim, - Captain Jang - a very likeable, butt kickin’, tough cookie! :rofl:
Jin Seon-Kyu,- Tiger Park - The chief engineer and broken parts kicker.
Hae-jin Yoo, - Robot Eobdong - The gambler, a really plain, beat-up droid in search of plastic surgery. :laughing:
Kot-nim- Dorothy, a really cute little girl that crazy people want to kill.
etc. etc…

Just finished it.! WOW! First class, sci-fi, orbital space, messed up earth, a filthy rich - multi- decillion dollar bad guy, a motley crew - fighting against the odds - good guys, movie. The quality is right up there with Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars, The Expanse, etc., etc. So much seat of the pants action that I needed my nitro handy! :sunglasses:

It was so cool and weird to hear a raggedy droid speaking in Korean! :laughing: The international, multi-lingual, orbital cast are all good actors, no cheesy actors in this one. :sunglasses:

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Well, that is not true YET. As long as we don’t blow ourselves up. we will go out there. They are working on biospheres now. Small scale right now. Governments are kind of hamstrung trying to rule their countries but it will be the multi-billionaire tech guys that do it because they have the money and interest. They will have biodomes on the moon in 100 years and biospheres on the Lagrange points in 200 to 300 years, maybe sooner. There are plans, right now dreams, to terraform Mars. They are also looking at some of the moons around Jupiter.

In my grandmother’s lifetime, they went from candles, to man on the moon. That’s only 70 years. A century of monumental inventiveness. In 1900 they thought that nothing could be smaller than the atom. It was because they didn’t have the technology yet to discern electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks, etc. Do you remember the world before computers and the internet? I do. Communication was much slower. Elroy Jetson had a tv watch! and now Apple made a real TV watch. :laughing: that only took 40 years. :rofl:

(sorry,. ok. I will quit. My sci-geek-side is showing. Can’t help it. I teethed on sci-fi and watched so much come true. :laughing::sunglasses:)


Sorry, I don’t speak German but I will give you a short synopsis in English.

[spoiler]The little girl had an all points bulletin to kill on site saying she was a dangerous nuclear explosive. but that was a lie by the rich bad guy. ‘Dorothy’ Kot-nim had been a child near death when they introduced nano-technology into her bloodstream, She turned into this kid who could control nanobots. The bad guy stole her from her father and they used her ability to control nano-bots to terraform Mars. The girl escaped and the Space Sweepers crew found her.

The bad guy really hated earth because his family had been brutally murdered. He didn’t say that to the general public. Humanity thought he was a good guy trying to ‘help’ earth when in fact he was stripping it of materials and intended to destroy earth, along with most of humanity when Mars was ready. :scream:

The bad guy managed to capture the little girl again. So, Mars is ready to inhabit and the bad guy wanted to strap the little girl to a huge earth killing bomb that could destroy nano-technology along with the girl and seriously damage the earth as his goodbye and good riddance present. Also murdering a few billion people at the same time. :scream:

So the space sweepers raced in to rescue the girl. the girl later was able to help save the biosphere of earth by controlling nano-bots.[/spoiler] :sunglasses:

In the end, With 'Dorothy’s/Kot-Nim’s Sim’s help, Tae was able to contact his lost daughter whose body was due to to escape orbit to be lost forever. I guess you could say it was spiritual/soul or the nano-bots recorded her pattern and rebuilt her image electronically?

The real question is, What is the soul anyway? What comprises the spiritual ‘information’ of self? What is thought? Electrons jumping a synaptic gap? What is God? Some dude sitting on a throne tossing lightning bolts around or is God a vast intelligent, disembodied energy that gives life to all things? but now we’re delving into philosophy and theology.


Thank you very much. I have seen it, enjoyed it and understood it so far too.
The only thing was about still alive or dead and the soul thing. :grinning:


In Sci-Fi, Nano-bots would find the electrical pathways and locate the memory nexus. They could ‘read’ the energy and re-build the person. So what I think happened was that the nan-bots found her body in space and communicated her thought patterns back to her father before the child’s body escaped earth’s orbit.

The real question is a philosophical one. What is the soul? a mere electrical energy field of a body or something larger that encompasses the universe? The brain is just a organic memory processor that has a bunch of electrons jumping synaptic gaps. But are humans just mere organic accidents? or is there more? that is the question. In this movie, via nan-bots, his daughter came back for one last visit before her body drifted too far away.

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I know everything that’s going on with India and China. It’s just that Korea is a highly trade dependant country and pretty tiny in front of China. So their own political policy is to be friendly with them. Why bring India-China relations into this? India can afford to antagonize China but I don’t think SK can, China trades a LOT with them…


And they finally got some non-Korean actors who can act, too!