Spanish-speaking shows on Viki


Is there a list somewhere of shows in Spanish on Viki?
I’m answering to PMs, and someone asked me if she could help translating from Spanish-English.

I tried filtering by “Countries”, but there are no Spanish-speaking countries in the list of countries:

I finally filtered by genre =“Telenovelas” (series in Spanish?) and found some shows, but it was a mix of Kdramas (?) and series from Columbia, Venezuela (where they indeed speak Spanish):

(Most of the time, it is restricted in my country)

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Telenovelas is one way to call them but in my Island Puerto Rico we just call them Novelas. All the telenovelas here at Rviki have now ‘‘restricted access.’’ Even the one I busted myself for more than a year, and finished putting most of the English subs in all 150 episodes (not perfect but good enough to understand).

I don’t recommend anyone trying to learn Spanish from the few telenovelas we already have here at Rviki translated. Why? Most of this Telenovelas are from Mexico or Venezuela and the Spanish they use have words that you won’t even find in a dictionary. The best way to learn Spanish or any language is with DVD’s They are the best in my opinion. They give a 7 day free trial.

PS. I get the DVD for free in my library (USA). I don’t know if other libraries in different countries have them.


I don’t know if she’s learning Spanish or English, she didn’t precise this detail.
She just told me she had to translate a piece of media for her semester project in college and she could sub Spanish-English.

Is it restricted everywhere? I have no Spanish-speaking telenovelas, so I don’t know if it’s restricted for this student.

If it’s restricted everywhere, then I don’t know where she could translate a piece of media.

(But does school ask to do that on something online? Or we just watch something and we write translations on a side paper or document? It’s weird that a school asks to find a website to do it, I mean, if it’s edited, then it’s not her work anymore and how do you give it to your teacher and how can your teacher know it’s you who translated it and imagine it’s not licensed anymore, all her work will be lost?) LOL

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From my personal experience with some of my students back in the days, I know that most likely she wants to plagiarize her assignment,.and is looking for material from the Internet written in other languages (as you mentioned here she wasn’t too clear to you, whether it was English or Spanish).

What the students don’t know that teachers/professors have a special place we go, and we just copy/paste a piece of what they wrote, and it will tell us the teachers, if the student committed plagiarism or not.

I hope she’s not in College bc plagiarism in College is a very serious offense (at least in US).

Omg really?
She might be doing this for training? Or it’s really as you said (I hope not if it’s for college asignment).

Btw, now your name appears as Juanda (it was Wanda before?), have you changed your name lately and what does it mean?

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Everybody is changing their name so I wanted to change one letter. But my main name angelight313_168 so you know is me, anyway.

Well,I don’t know the information given to you was so vague so I just added that bc maybe the person is young and don’t know any better it’s really dangerous to plagiarize school material I don’t want this person to be in that predicament.

A lot of students that start College (freshman) do that copy materials and submit them bc they don’t know the process: of quoting the author, and adding the excerpt where the info was taken from, and then they need to add their main idea/body/ etc… and then, is not considered plagiarism.

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Yes, it was vague (she hasn’t talked about training either).

Anyway, I’m sure there are students who will have this idea, so it’s coherent to talk about plagiarism.

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