Speeding up shows

Dear Vikis,

I have been watching asian dramas for almost 16 years now. And I have developed a habit that i don’t like but can’t seem to enjoy a show without it.

When i watch something i have to increase the playing speed, that usually reach 3-4 time the speed for Korean/Japanese drama, 8 times for Chinese/Taiwanese on

I am currently learning Spanish and keep on speeding up Spanish shows which isn’t helping my learning process at all.

My friend and family hate watching something with me as i can’t handle how boring and slow normal speed is. I loved going to the movies but everything is just too slow to enjoy.

Don’t know if anyone have faced a similar problem but if u did please let me know how u dealt with it.

I must note that i am a fast walker, talker, eater, thinker and everything else :rofl:.
Also in the 3 languages that i am fluent i don’t speed up shows that much just around 1.5-1.8 times the normal speed.

I know i am not the only one or why did netflix and youtube add a play speed button.

With all love,
Fast Sloth


Wow! Is that the same as the ffwd button?

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no it is used to change the playing speed image


Okay, I’ve never mess with those buttons for watching. I leave it at whatever speed comes with the app. If it makes it more fun for your watching experience, then, speed up away!


I used the button to speed up a show a few times, but never for long. I always feel like it’s unnatural to see people talk and move faster than they usually do. I like using the +10 seconds button more during more boring scenes.


10 seconds skip button was what i used to use like 12 years ago. It is just not enough anymore hhhh.

Maybe i just seen it all no new ideas any more


16 years of con·cen·trat·ed Asian shows :sweat_smile: it’s possible.


I didn’t know this option existed on any of these streaming sites. I have been content with the skip button until now, but I can think of a drama or two where speeding things up may have been a nice choice

A different habit I have, though, is ‘sliding’ the progress bar through scenes I want to ‘skip’. I don’t really know how to explain it other than you can click on the little dot that shows your progress through the show’s timeline and you can drag it. If you do it slow enough, you can ‘see’ the scenes on screen as you go by them. This allows me to get a sense of what is going on during scenes I skip, and if I notice something that seems important, I can stop and watch it. It’s a bad habit, but it sure helps get through those draggy moments.


I do that as well if it’s a very boring show. I don’t like not seeing things to the end.


I’m the same. I don’t often drop shows outright, but I will skim through when necessary, especially for plotlines that are irrelevant to the main story.


Hi all! When I think about it, if I were at the point of speeding or skipping, this will probably be the moment where I drop 90 percent of the said dramas.


I am a kinesthetic learner, that is, I learn things by being physically involved with an activity as I am learning it. If I don’t understand the language of a movie or show very well, I get bored easily even with a great movie, and I start fast forwarding in search of sections that I understand.

Since I understand Spanish marginally well, I fast forward things FAST when I am watching something online that’s in Spanish.


It is always an option. I use an attachment in google chrome that allows me to speed anything.

I don’t know if you use WhatsApp but they just added a speeding feature to the voice note which is literally have been a live changing feature for me :joy::joy:.

I understand what u do. I do that when i am watching something and i don’t like all the characters. :joy::joy: like heirs and i l know i will get hate for this but honestly we have seen the main couple play a high school rich boy poor girl roles before and it was just unworthy of watching but the rest of the cast was amazing :heart_eyes_cat:.


I have this feeling that it is disrespectful to the cast, director and writers to not finish a show. But i think it might be just that we have this pathological need for closure, that is why we can’t quit something.

Maybe i actually also have Fear of missing out (FOMO) that is why i can’t just skip :joy::joy:


Well thank you for explaining. I think i’m might be a kinesthetic learner as well. Even though I just learned this word, i feel that the google provided explanation of it describes me well.

I do learn better by being involved physically in a matter. For example when learning my 3rd language i used sticky notes to write the name of everything in my apartment and i kept on using them. I also listen better and understand more when i am moving. I would be walking, driving or cooking while listening to something and i find myself to be more concentrated.


Interesting topic! I do lately use the forward button in shows where I skip scenes with certain characters that do not interest me or I find boring, I don’t want to waste time. Like on YT there is a feature that shows small pictures of the scene when you move/glide your cursor forward on the line, so something like this would also help to “skip” accurately to the next scene or the one you want.

Now with the speed that’s another thing. I’ve encountered some sentences that were put on a short segging time, which means the sentence had a very short time on screen, I have to go go back and reread it. Another times in particular with historical dramas where a sentence fills 2 long lines, I have to stop and/or rewind in order to read it. It is more for the complex content or what is being said.

I tried a few times the speed button on YT when watching a video that explained something like gardening and that sort since I just wanted to know a specific task and not the other not so useful but nice talk on the side :wink:

It is perhaps because of the speed of life that at times we like to speed up, time is money :rofl: Perhaps it is because some scenes have become cliches and we know how they work after watching “too many drama”!! :scream:


No, I don’t want to miss a single second. Sometimes my mind wonders off during watching and then, when I realize I missed something, I rewind it.
As said before, changing the speed would make things come across as unnatural and the subtitles would become impossible to read.
The only thing I sometimes may do is turn off the sound during disgusting scenes.



What you do, is very normal (in my opinion) bc you are avoiding those many ridiculous ‘‘still’’ scenes that permeate all ASIAN dramas. One day I just realized that a Chinese scene took a whole 22 seconds of the actress in the balcony looking into the horizon and I was horrified. At first, it wasn’t too obvious, but as I waited for the scene to change I had to say a ‘‘curse’’ word bc I was so angry and annoyed to see this woman standing doing ABSOLUTELY nothing worth for me to see in that scene.

I decided to time this ‘‘still’’ scenes in K dramas, and in Chinese dramas (the still scenes are way longer than in Korean dramas). But nevertheless, disgustingly too long. A few seconds I can deal with, but 22 whole seconds? UGH! Who knows if it’s even longer since I didn’t continue watching still scenes in different dramas and timing them. I calculated in one episode that 17 minutes were of still scenes (like the actor/actress looking at each other) So annoying to me bc those are normal at the end of an episode, but all over the drama? Give me a break.

I use the skip button a lot for the ‘‘still scenes’’ in the dramas, and I enjoy the dramas more now (since I started doing this skip system). I hope no one get confused here, so I’ll add this lines: there were NO (flashback scenes) when this FREEZE ZONE SCENES were going on.


@angelight313_168, if I can give you an advice: Stay away from movies from Northern Europe and Russia, cause there it often happens that the first word is uttered looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong after the movie has started. :joy:


Thanks for the advise. I watched very recently a science fiction movie from Russia, and it had so many action packed scenes that I didn’t notice how long it was, but I noticed at the end that the movie was more than 2 hours long! So I believe you. I don’t watch dramas/movies where they repeat the scenes; Have you seen those? I actually cursed like a sailor bc it drives me insane to see the same scene over again; when it serves no purpose in there.