"Spellbound" is looking for different language moderators & SEGMENTERS

Hello :smile:
I’m looking for people, that are willing to help with Spellbound: https://www.viki.com/movies/29622c-spellbound
It’s a really interesting korean movie starring Lee Min Ki and Son Ye Jin. It fits perfectly to the current halloween time :wink:
As there are already english subtitle, it can be directly translated to other languages, so I’m looking for moderators that help making the movie avaible for more people :smile:
If you want to join the team, contact me ^^
Best regards,

I need after all segmenters, since the provided subtitles are off. If anyone is willing to help correcting them, I would appreciate it.

It may already be done but I can do an English language edit if needed.

Hi, i can do the eng-port subs if you want! pm to let me know :grin:

“Spellbound” is already segmented; can you edit the post’s title?

As the segments need to be fixed, I don’t see, why I should edit the title, as a segmenter is still needed ^^

Thanks for pointing that out; I wasn’t considering that. Shall I help out?