Spring-a-thon 2024 Community Update!

We reached the 2nd level. Congrats to everyone! Fighting!!


Awesome work, everyone!

I was playing around with numbers a bit:

  • Our Mon-Thur average daily community count is 146.800 contributions :partying_face:
  • Expectedly, we are more productive on weekends, with Sat-Sun average at 172.000 contributions.
  • With this pace we are likely to reach the next goal (1.5 M) on Sunday.

But we have to take into account, that it is the Easter weekend. Some have more stuff planned due to it.


yeah, i would like to encourage everyone to take a break on the weekend & of course the Easter holiday

(in another word, slow down and let me reach my goal :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:)

i’m kidding, Happy Easter everyone :slight_smile:


With counters and additional time frame, e.g. level 1 3 days for a badge, even when the Community was faster so people could collect badges in every level.

And also better explanation how the badges change because that wasnt clear to everyone as well.

(Some thought everyone who’s joining will get the regular badges depending on the individual lines 250 etc plus the 100 badge in addition as default.)


From this example I see that communication is indeed an art form. And that it’s almost impossible to explain something, which is a bit more complicated, to everyone and completely.

I do remember going deeper into the game rules with many people here on Discussions. I think my predictions on time per level were decent. Perhaps it could have made it easier for some to understand what will happen and how to get their desired bagdes.

From the game setup it was quite obvious that the more aggressive the players are, the shorter will be the time to collect the Level 1 badges. And it was also obvious that pure segmenters are going to bear the brunt of it.

This is perfectly strange to me. There was no mention of guaranteed badges - one had to earn all of them.

The only badges which don’t have thresholds are the Top100 badges, which are going to be distributed based on the total number of contributions - 50 for subbers/editors, 50 for segmenters.


It was not obvious, though, that we wouldn’t even be notified when a level was reached. And of course all players are “agressive,” as you call it, if they all are trying to keep up with everybody else. The way this “game” is set up makes them “agressive” by default. Anyone who for whatever reason (varying from being a segmenter to having a life outside Viki) can’t be this “agressive” will forever remain an outsider with little to no badges.
And in the end, what do the viewers gain from all this? Or from subathons in general for that matter? If we could all just focus on our actual tasks instead of constantly seeking for ways to get more contributions in less time, then things would actually get done in a proper, satisfying way.


No, not everybody. About half of contributors here are competitive by nature and always strive for more contributions during games because they find it fun. The other half would just eventually like a badge because collecting is fun :raising_hand_woman:

I think you might be taking these badges too seriously. Only fools would search for badges on profiles to assess a user as a contributor and a person.


Was totally clear. Be honest, after I read your comment, I know the first 2–3 days will be a “run.” Usually, at the beginning, it is really quiet. But this time I was there for the first day, lol, just to get the badge. So Thank you :smiley:


Durig this spring-a-thon I’m a segger and a jr sensei not like the other times when I felt like a 5000 was possible. I think the point of this is that it is a game (that gives Viki more contributions), my first was a twigg at 100,so I’m hoping for a 250 badge the next time so it would look like it was growing… :wink: This time I’m not giving everything I got and that’s ok.


Hi @brendas, at the turn of the month the ‘Awesome Contributors’ page does not show which place the participants are in for about 2 hours. When the list is visible again after 2 hours, the contibutions made during this time are completely missing and are not added. In my case today there were almost 400 subtitles, which were therefore ‘embezzled’.
The problem has existed for a very long time, but I find it very unfavorable, especially during the subathon.
Is it possible for the contributions to be added later or should we simply stop contributing on Viki at the end of the month if they are not counted anyway?


I also got over 100 just for the cute badge but got nothing :sob:

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OMG I couldn’t agree MORE with you…

The only reason I joined the community as a sub was JUST to make better subtitles for viewers.

Having been a viewer for several years, I came across a million (and more) translation errors in many series, SO MANY that in the end I ended up watching the episodes in English because I DIDN’T UNDERSTAND THEM IN MY OWN LANGUAGE.

It’s sad to see that some subs contribute just to earn badges, I think they’re cute and all but it’s not really something that keeps me up at night, I’ll continue taking the time I need to make quality subs.

I will earn the badges that come along the way and those that don’t come, well… Greetings LOL :rofl:


Since “players” and “games” are mentioned that often:

I’m a gamer for over 20 years. I’ve been playing different genres, online and offline, including community and individual ingame events and absolutely none of these games had such bad communication about how the event works and such unfair rules likes : if you can’t “play” at day 1, byebye!

The ingame events are always designed in a way that active players are able to reach (get) the rewards, even if they can’t play within the first 24 hours.

So these Subathons are not even close to true games. Maybe they have more in common with Casinos and one-armed bandits. That might suit the lottery of the subtitles’ quality of the end of subathons also better…

PS: I did not see your post in the other thread, sadly.

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I also did like 100 or 200 subtitles when the leaderboard got updated for April. And seems like those contributions are simply added to the last month (march). If that’s what you are referring to.


It seems there are two different “schools” here: those who WANT THE BADGES and those who just participate and comes what may.

To those who WANT THE BADGES, I would first like to point out that with such systems, it’s always safer to aim higher that your actual goal. For example, if you seek the 100 participations badge, you’d rather aim at 120 or 130 participations than 102-105: there’s always a risk that some of your participations won’t be taken into account, so… even with such systems, that’s what I usually see happening, it will really lessens the risk of frustration '(even though nothing is ever warranted).

This being said, this debate was launched as the subathon just started, so everyone definitely had (and still have) a few more days to get the 100 badge, so…? Is it so important to get it AT LEVEL 1 and only level 1?
Of course if you aimed for 5 badges for the 5 “community levels”, it would ruin the plan. But even to get the first 5 badges, you’d need over 4 100 participations within very few days at the end, just for the last badge: definitely not easy to achieve…

Maybe I’m overstepping quite a bit and I’m really sorry and I apologize if my words are taken badly by anyone, after all I’m not even an active member on this message board, even regarding participation on Viki itself I’m just “taking care” of the dramas where I was “recruited” and that’s about it: I’m probably not in the best place to make comments on how the community should function. But… I just feel that the present topic is used as a means to express BAD MOOD at Viki, who did invent a quite complicated system to award more badges to people (and the fact that it is so difficult to explain might hint that it can absolutely be perfected), still at the end of the day… no one is -due- any badge? While some members seem to treat as the end of the world that they didn’t get THAT VERY badge? While the event isn’t over yet? Badges are cute, but is it so bad if we don’t get them ALL?
It’s true, though, that I’m not into collections anyway, even in real life, that probably doesn’t help understanding the state of mind.

As for me, I was aiming for the 500 contributions badge, and got the 250 one: hopefully I’ll get the 500 contributions one with the next level, and well, that’s cool? I also quite like the 1 000 contributions badge, not sure I’ll be able to get it, yet I’ll survive if I don’t? My favorite is probably the 5 000-one, which I will definitely not be able to get, and so be it?

It’s just the internet, it’s just a website, they’re just badges…?


What is bad about this springathon is this:

@sonmachinima phrased it very well. This is not something we can just do our best for with regards to the time and energy we have. We can’t aim at anything. We start “playing” and then suddenly the game (or the first/second/third round) is over without us having a clue. That is what is a not fair and b frustrating about this whole event.

Btw, I never aim for the extreme badges like top 100 and all that. It would distract me far too much from my actual tasks at Viki.


They changed again the badges, so will the already received ones be updated too?
These badges are way cuter!!! Also the top 100 one :fire:

BTW, we reached 1,5M already. Congrats!


Where exactly are you seeing that?

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History of the announcement.