Spring-a-thon 2024 Community Update!

I find this whole progress very confusing :sweat_smile: I got my level 1 Badge after Level 2 badges were distributed and no sight of my Level 2 Badge. I feel like it would be much better if we had a leaderboard for each level so we could check what progress we are making on our own, in real time.

Also just wanted to mention: There is nothing wrong with wanting badges and wanting clarity. We contribute our time in exchange of nothing, it is a hobby for most of us but if we were to decide not to volunteer, Viki would need to HIRE people, salary-receiving people. We as the volunteer community do a great job and transparency and cute badges here and there are bare minimum Viki can give us in return. I don’t get why there is a negative approach for those “who only contribute for badges” haha. Volunteers are what keep Viki going. Otherwise with the unadjusted segments and… welp, amazingly created/localised English/Portuguese subs and no other languages available, I do not think audience would keep paying for a platform such as Viki, at least I personally would not.

It would be very nice if Viki could take a note of these feedbacks given by the volunteer community and come up with better ideas for subathons/events if they want to encourage us. As far as I can see, majority of the community is left confused and not satisfied with this event.

I wish everyone a great week and good luck with subbing/segging! :purple_heart:


Sweetie, I checked your profile and you didn’t get level 1 badge, only level 2. Maybe you can ask Brendas how many did you do for level 1.


Just in case, as I feel that this relates to what I posted earlier, at least in part: in my own very personal opinion, there is absolutely nothing wrong with “contributing just for the badges”. As for me I don’t do that, but as you said, we’re all volunteers here, so if the badges is the little bonus that some people wish for, that’s great and awesome.

What puzzles me here, and sorry if that wasn’t clear, is more that… some people seem to DEMAND badges. And not just “badges”: THAT VERY badge. It feels a bit like entitlement? Not the principle of getting “one” badge", but being so certain that “WE WILL HAVE THAT VERY BADGE” (“and if we don’t it just means that Viki is doing a very poor job”).
Also, this attitude puzzles me because it’s nearly impossible to plan in advance what badge we can have. That’s because we can’t be 100% certain of -when- the milestones are reached: when the counts are stopped for each level. For example, let’s say that level 2 is reached at 10h30 on a certain day, and that at 10h25 one contributer has 240 contributions, and at 10h35 255 contributions: maybe this person will expect (and was aiming for?) the 250 badge. Except that, right when level 2 was reached, the number of contributions was still a below 250, so 100 badge again. And the person might be disappointed etc.

I’m borderline thinking that, had Viki staff not published the visuals for the badges -before- the event started, people might have been happier when receiving their badges, because no one would have “developped” any expectation? At least for level 1… But well, on the other hand, some people might enjoy planning stuff and goals, which is great and perfect too.

In the end, nothing’s ever perfect, probably?

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Wow! Are we going to surpass the last Level before spring-a-thon will end?? :exploding_head:
Wil the Viki Community make a history :rofl: :clap:
Why not, keep Fighting, Jiayou!!


Be honest, I do not get it. Why is the problem the surprise? Before you actually know what you get, now kind of as well, when you follow your plan. The only one, I think, is the big surprise in the top 100, as I have no idea how they count. The whole time, just in this month overall,or so. But not for too long, and it will come out. I personally did not work more or less on Viki than usual. Just a bit more planned out to make sure I get the badge I am going for. Till now worked out, the next two we will see.

Let me get this straight, after completing a level, the subtitles continue to count without resetting what you got from level 1? Because I got 2 badges of 250 at levels 2 and 3! This means that it resets, otherwise it would be 500 at level 3. Correct?

maybe you didn’t reach the 500 contribution at the next level so they just gave you another 250 badge.


They don’t reset, but if you have two 250 badges, it means that you didn’t do enough in Level 3 to reach 500.


Aww I got my third one :smiley:

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Oh, I see. This part is quite confusing. But I get it, I just think the old games were better! @mirjam_465 @mary19c11


A lot of things were confusing to me as well, i just kept reading the questions & answers here to make sense of it lol.


Yesterday I had Level 1, now I have level 2 and 3. Im utterly confused :joy:

I’m very sorry that I may have skipped your post because I don’t remember reading it. Its few other messages I’ve read I was mentioning, on discussions & dis.cord server.

Personally I do not think it is entitlement or anything to demand a badge or want a certain one. Why? I live in Germany. For one hour work, minimum wage for a student is around 12 Euro. Most jobs start from 14 to 17 depending on your education level/position of the job. Why do I mention this? Viki, even though we are not mentioning this for some reasons, using free labour. Does this mean they abuse us? No. We choose to volunteer for them. Does this mean we kind of ruin the job market? Yes, because they would have to hire people to do this job. Lets say one subber or segmenter spends 20 mins to 1h subtitling a part. They volunteer, for they enjoy the content, enjoy the community, practise their listening skills in some Asian languages while translate from English to their language etc. etc. In the end, they do something they love, but also its free labour. I cannot comprehend in what world it is entitlement that these people demand basic stuff such as badges, clarity, open communitaion or QC rewards even, which are very small and symbolic stuff in the end. Viki does a bad job, yes, not only with this event but with many other things. They let abusers continue staying and harassing other volunteers, they corner some communities to the edge and almost make them quit such as Portuguese community, they keep “promising” to solve errors and disfunctional stuff and keep telling they will develop this and that and those in order to create a better community/workspace for volunteers, and in the end I don’t see anyone but Brenda even bothering to reply, we are stuck with opened tickets (unless they are closed without a solution for some reasons), a mailbox system that belongs to 2004, poorly managed platform, vague rules and results.

Do I think this event is poorly managed? Yes, because if it was only me, I’d say im kind of slow to understand things, not intelligent enough to understand what I read, something along these lines. But if half of the community is confused and a “leaderboard” is “breaching privacy” I dont know what to tell then. We have an option for opting out of the QC monthly leaderboard. I’m pretty sure its super simple to just build a page that is exactly as our usual leaderboard with an addition showing “Total contributions” which would show us at which level we are as the whole community. Then, problem solved. Problem with Viki is that they drag things that are so simple and could be made convenient enough while they try to “encourage” us to volunteer more because thats how they maintain their business (:


Me too. I got another 1000… I thought it would be the 5000… So now I’m wondering if I will succeed to get the 10.000 by the time it’s the end of this spring-a-thon… I know it’s probably wishfull thinking. So let’s go for the 5000 then… :upside_down_face: :muscle:


Does this mean that if e.g. we get 5.500 subs at the end, we get all the badges counting up to that? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi @damiechan - yup! that is exactly what it means. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The same thing happened to me. I have another 1000 instead of a 5000. What is going on?

Maybe, you still had 4999 the moment the goal was reached…


We made it!
It seems we usually need one week during a subathon to do 1 million contributions. It’s interesting to be able to see the contribution count for each day.


Well done everyone!! :raised_hands: :clap:

Personally I’ve been quite busy with irl matters lately and not able to contribute as much as I would’ve liked. But I will do my best and keep going to the last day for the final surprise badges :heart_eyes: :cherry_blossom: