Squid Game - Love it or hate it?


Am I the only one who didn’t love Squid Game?

Even though it’s way too brutal for my taste, I chugged along and marathoned the entire drama to find out what happens in the end and to find out the reason behind the game. Each episode was intriguing enough and kept my interest, but the last episode was a let down for me.

While we do find out who wins (which was pretty obvious from the beginning), and there is a huge twist at the end regarding who is behind the game, it still leaves a lot of holes and doesn’t fully explain a lot of things.

Here are some. (Contains spoilers.)

  1. There are only 4 VIPs. So even if the the old man is mega rich, how do they fund multi-millions dollars of prize money and pay salary for all the staff members year after year? And even tracking all these players lives could cost them a lot of money too!
  2. Why/how did the cop’s brother become the Front Man? If he had won the game in 2015, he should’ve been rich and living his life well. But looking at the cop’s life, his family isn’t that well off.
  3. Why did the Front man shoot/kill his brother, when he loves his brother? (Evidenced in having given his own kidney to save his younger brother before.)
  4. Who are all the other workers the game? How did they become workers there?

In addition to unanswered questions, there are a lot of things that are not believable.

  1. I can’t believe Gi-hun is the ONLY person who tries to do what’s right and sees good in humanity in all those years they’ve been playing the game.
  2. And how can the workers be so cold and indifferent toward all the violence and killings? They also knew that they could easily be killed off, too.
  3. If the game has been going on for years, there must’ve been so many missing people, and how come no one has figured out anything about this? I know that when Gi-hun first went to the police after he got out of the game, he was treated like a crazy person. But if hundreds of people said the same thing year after year, then the police and others who has heard the story must have taken a notice. I mean the young cop saw the connection between his missing older brother and the game, so there should’ve been many more who should have found out.

Well, I guess they are setting up for Season 2. I’m honestly not sure if I’m going to watch the 2nd season.

I’d also like to hear from those who did like this drama, and want to know why you liked it so much.


Well, Since you didn’t love it I have another reason not to watch it. 1st, it’s not my kind of show anyway and 2 - you didn’t like it either. :smiley:


I don’t know, @porkypine90_261. I think I’m definitely in the minority in this. Since so many people do like this drama (#1 drama on Netflix), you may want to watch it and judge it for yourself.


I see soo many references to this show everywhere :sweat_smile: I haven’t watched it, because it’s probably too brutal… yeah, it’s a no for me :slight_smile:.

I have experienced before that I didn’t like mega-popular dramas, because somethings didn’t make sense to me and left me with too many questions :woman_shrugging:


Even if I could watch it, I wouldn’t, it is not my kind of drama.


I started watching, but it was too brutal to watch that I couldn’t keep watching till the end. Some scenes were too hard for me to stomach; so I dropped it. The fact that out of 300 something people only (1) One could survive was like so ridiculous to believe (I mean for me to accept).

The really old man to be allowed to join the game, was even more ridiculous to believe. The ‘‘Squid Game’’ in my opinion, whoever likes that sick display of killing human beings can not be human bc I actually cried from seeing the cruel way they killed all of these people at the beginning (some that had kids for example, they would never go back to their kids).

Since I didn’t see much of it, but peeked at ending, and I saw that the guy (I knew would win all along), he did gave money to a few people, but that wasn’t enough for me bc he knew most ppl that were there it was for making poor choices in life when it came to money, and that didn’t make them in my eyes criminals.

If they make a second season, and they do it by killing pedophiles, rapist etc…I’ll gladly watch, but not broke men with debts, housewife, mothers, grandfathers etc. bc that’s way too much to have to handle.


I am thinking that he may try do something to stop the game from continuing in the second season.


Yes, it was obvious that he was going in to try to stop them, but I doubt they won’t kill him before he can do anything about stopping such a sick game.

If you haven’t seen the Japanese version [Alice in Boderland], I believe you might like it (I did although it was as scary as squid game). That one I watched till the end, but is an ending obviously announcing a part 2 so I wasn’t too happy with the ending.


When I read the description for this drama, I knew immediately I would not be watching it. I was shocked when I saw that it was #1 in the US the day it was released. Out of all the wonderful Kdramas Ntflx has released, why would this one get so much attention? I cannot deal with this type of show. No thanks.


Which one Squid Game? I heard Alice in Borderland was also #1 in the US, but it remains to be proven to me bc they are actually killing people (in both), but I kept watching the Japanese one bc I thought it was going to turn out to be a ‘‘dream like game.’’ Like I thought it was that at the end everyone came out of the dream state, and be alive too. But the ending for the Japanese one was just as bad as the korean one (imo).


Yes, Squid Game was #1 in the US for several days. It’s still in the top 10, but I haven’t checked if it was still #1.

Edited to say that I checked, and it is in fact still #1.


I doubt it. I’ll just go back to my usual light comedy, rom-com, historical and/or inspirational type of dramas. :smiley:


Me too I thought it would be fun to see, but my brain got woof after every episode. I felt like I was in depression after the last episode. My mood went down. I didn’t feel anything. Not to mention the betrayal is so much in this Drama.
Most Depressing Betrayal

At the last when the three participants where remaining the guy just killed our NK girl, while she stabbed before with the glass pieces. I hated him at that moment so much! aghhh

Next is the same guy who scammed the Ali with stones instead of marbles. I hated him here too, I thought he should have falled from the glass bridge lol

Only the NKorean girl was innocent in the whole drama ! @ajumma2 @angelight313_168


Squid Game now ranks as the most watched Korean drama at N in the US - edit, my mistake it says worldwide, it topped Crash Landing On You.



That’s true I was shocked when you mentioned you watched SQUID GAME 'till the end. I think the first episode was for me so hard to watch: that I know most ppl would drop it right there.

Those who haven’t watched…
Check out the trailer. RED LIGHT/GREEN LIGHT is the first episode. I dropped it there.



I didn’t watched the whole thing so I didn’t even know there’s a girl from North Korea in the game.

I believe EVERYONE was innocent in there. Owing money doesn’t make anyone a criminal.

If I were to pick an innocent one; I would say the mother that went to make money to pay for her daughter’s education. That’s when I said to myself this is not for me; makes no sense here.


Except for the Hunger Games, I usually don’t even start to watch shows like this (when you know many people have to die, and you don’t know if there is going to be a lot of blood) , but after watching several romantic shows I was in the mood for something more adventurous and thrilling, and this show was shown in the top 3 ( at the moment it’s also number 1 in the Netherlands), so I thought I would just watch the first 15 minutes to see what it’s about and then I would start another show, but instead of switching to the other show, I just kept watching this show and now I’m at episode 6. They are playing a game with marbles, and I think this scene or this episode is going to be the thoughest so far, because they are competing against their friends/team members now. At the same time I do, but also I don’t want to know the outcome.)
I’m not bingewatching this show though, just one episode at a time. (and then followed by a show that has more sweetness).

I think the actors are doing a great job. I feel like I’m in the same room as they are, seeing what they see, thinking about what decisions to make in their situation, and feeling their emotions.


So agree with you on that being a second season. But i did not enjoy and hated the ending.


Unbelievable! Loved Crash Landing!


True. I only watched it because I was watching it with my husband and he wanted to finish it. I probably would have dropped it after the first episode if I was watching it on my own. There were some scenes where I had to walk out and skip; i.e. organ harvesting scenes

I was so tensed up the whole time I was watching the drama, and I remember telling my husband that I usually watch K-dramas to relax at the end of the day, not to be stressed!